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  1. Look... many of us have been playing over 15 years, some of us have max experience, levels, max cash stacks, all pets, trim completionist, etc. As someone who no lifed RS in the past, you're fine! Play until you don't feel like it anymore, if it loses the fun, then take a little break. Come back when you can- However, if it interferes with life priorities, focus on those, not exp gains
  2. Looks like you're hammering out those reqs, grats!
  3. Nobody deserves this more than you! Congrats
  4. Looks like Telle is getting the banhammer!
  5. Stop spilling coffee on the servers!
  6. Happy Canadian Birth lad

  7. Pretty sure I'm on the default list already but not on this topic! Add me pls
  8. Real life over volunteer work always, hope everything works out Zoomerino!
  9. Much appreciated! Get the gains lads
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