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Changing Your Signature

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There are several steps to changing your signature. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen, select "Account Settings".
    • image.png.0b7937566822f470ef20ce01aa0a8244.png
  2. Towards the left you will see an options bar, click on "Signature".
    • image.png.bc69bdc2262093515f21991f68e0ecb4.png
  3. Copy your image and paste it into the box to insert it. Resize your image as necessary by dragging a square along the edge of your image until it is the appropriate size. Note that RuneHQ signatures do not allow HTML, but do permit BBcode. The buttons above the text area can help you with those until you learn how to use it on your own. Please remember to follow all RuneHQ rules when editing your signature. For more information about BBCode please see this topic.
    • image.png.c1917bbaa5e76722e3afce947606bd48.png
  4. Click "Save" and your signature will now be changed.




Your signature must follow the forum rules and have the following limits:

  • Signatures must follow all of the forum rules, including the rules about links. Please be sure that your signature does not have embedded links in it unless these links are on the approved list.
  • The total combined file size of your signature cannot exceed 400kb.
  • The total size of your signature, in pixels, cannot exceed 250 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide. Please note, the height and width limit includes text.
    • the height restriction can be "bypassed" by using spoilers to hide some of what you want present.



How do I find the file size, height, and width of my image?

  • Firefox - Right click on the image and selecting "View Image Info"
  • Internet Explorer - Right click on the image and selecting "Properties"
  • While adding/editing your signature, you can click your image and 8 squares will appear around your image. Dragging one of these squares will resize your image and, in turn, inform you of the size of your image.



How do I get one of those cool signatures everyone has?

  • You can get those cool signatures by ordering from the shops, requesting someone to make a signature for you, or making a signature yourself. Our "Graphic Creations" forum is one place you can make a request for a signature.




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