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Xbox one and Xbox 360 - having trouble syncing controllers


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i recently purchased an Xbox One console on best Buy. i did this a long time ago. I'm just getting around to syncing the controllers with the Xbox One console and the xbox 360 console that i own. I tried doing this with both consoles wirelessly (which I should be able to do), i also tried connecting it with the MicroUSB. Both of which aren't working. What am I doing wrong? i want to play call of duty and battlefield 5.

Thanks, and please let me know what i'm doing wrong and what the correct fix is.

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Update: I just synced the controller to the Xbox One console. Now I have to figure out the Xbox360.

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Umm.. For the 360 it really depends on the model.

  • For the generic white ones, press the circle button beside the memory card slots. You need to also press the tiny round button between the l1 and r1 buttons (beside where you plug the controller up).

 images (1).jpegimages.png

  • The slim is pretty much the same but the round button on the xbox is square.

images (1).jpegimages.jpeg

Just make sure the controller and consoles xbox symbol is flashing at the same time.




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