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Most expensive units to build?


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As the title explains I'm trying to build the most expensive units in life. I saw this video by the Bulldog Mindset why it's not very cost effective to get a job.

I already have a YouTube channel and am trying to constantly upload for time up front. I am already working at a minimum wage job for the small unit. I'm also working on my entrepreneurial ideas as the more expensive units that I will plan to live off of. I'm also an angel investor on some investment platforms.

In my region it's more about money up front for passive income. In my region it's harder to do time up front for passive income because most jobs in my region are low-paid and based on the season. There are no $100/hr tech or digital marketing or similar extremely high-paid mid-tier jobs in my region.

What are some other units that i can build while I try to move up at my current job (just over broke)?


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