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October 04, 2019 - Golden Gnome Awards 2019 Winners!


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Quote taken directly from www.old-school.runescape.com


Golden Gnome Awards 2019 Winners!

Golden Gnome Awards 2019 Winners!

Golden Gnome Awards 2019 Winners!

RuneFest 2019 is underway and what better way to start than with The Golden Gnome Awards?


This massively popular annual event celebrates the immense amount of talent we have within the community. Old School and RuneScape are nothing without their players, and there is no greater pleasure for us than shouting out loud and proud about your many great achievements.


And without further ado, we’re delighted to reveal this year’s winners!


Art Awards

  • Best New RuneScape Artist - Grommy Art

  • Best New OSRS Artist - 7th Sleeper

  • Best Artistic Creation – ‘Thank you for your Service Mod Mat K’ by Zuhaar, Grommy Art & 7th Sleeper

  • Best Artist - Dagna


Streaming Awards

  • Best New RuneScape Streamer - RS_Nate

  • Best New OSRS Streamer - Roidie

  • Best RuneScape Streamer - TheRSGuy

  • Best OSRS STreamer - SparcMac


Video Awards

  • Best New RuneScape Video Maker - DarkWorldOrder

  • Best New OSRS Video Maker - J1mmy

  • Best RuneScape Video Maker - Maikeru

  • Best OSRS Video Maker - Settled

  • RuneScape Video of the Year – ‘RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998-2018’ by RSWillMissIt

  • OSRS Video of the Year – ‘Swampletics Exposed’ by lilsmokey


Community Champion of the Year - Prezleek


This award celebrates people who have done something truly extraordinary for the RuneScape and Old School communities. This year is no exception.


Prezleek is primarily known for her artistic prowess, but she's winning a Golden Gnome for something much more significant - using the power of her craft to bring the community together, across both RuneScape and Old School. She has provided happiness, humour, and positivity via her self-proclaimed "silly little comics" for many years, but her efforts are so much more than that.


Prezleek has contributed her work to charity initiatives that have raised huge amounts for amazing causes, and she's helped give confidence to countless budding artists - via collaborations, starting an artists' Discord server, and providing support and encouragement to anyone wanting guidance on their art.


Prezleek epitomises everything that is great about our communities: selflessness, creativity, and the spreading of joy.


A big congratulations to all of the winners!


Be sure to check out the livestream of the RuneFest 2019 Keynote on Saturday October 5th at 18:00 BST on Twitch for all the details!


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