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Struggling to get even a desktop support job


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As the title explains I'm currently having trouble landing even an entry-level IT desktop support technician job. I'm currently volunteering with two nonprofits in tech (I obviously won't say who I'm volunteering for), and I'm currently interviewing for entry-level IT jobs, but the companies that I'm interviewing with always choose someone else in advance, therefore wasting my time in the process. I'm also going the entrepreneurial route also. If I can't find the job in the field that i want, I will make the job in the field that i want. Another issue that I'm facing is the declining demand for tech jobs in my region. I live in upstate NY (nowhere near New york city). And also they're raising minimum wage so there won't be much of a job pool at the end. My parents want me to go back to college to try and get a job that won't be affected by the 15 an hour minimum wage hike. I can't major in highly demanding fields like computer science or anything in engineering. i also can't physically do a skilled trade/construction field. I don't want to be on welfare (even that is hard to live on independently). What do you suggest that i do?

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