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October 18, 2019 - Bounty Hunter Rework Beta: Day 1 Feedback


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Quote taken directly from www.runescape.old-school.com


Bounty Hunter Rework Beta: Day 1 Feedback

Bounty Hunter Rework Beta: Day 1 Feedback
BH Rework Beta Feedback

Yesterday we launched the Bounty Hunter rework beta and players immediately poured in to test the changes. A big thank you to everyone who has already tried the beta or is currently testing it. We have already gathered key feedback points, some of which require input from the wider PvP community.

Bounty Tasks

Initial feedback has been that the tasks are too demanding for the points they give. Let us know what you think of the following suggestions:
  • Increasing the number of points awarded
  • Reducing the cooldown of the task timer to 20 minutes
We're also aware that there aren't many different tasks available, so please let us know any ideas for tasks that you have! Bear in mind that we cannot add any that require you to equip or use specific items.

Gearing up in the Beta

In the beta, you can set your stats and access to all the gear you might want to use to kill another player. This variety gives us the widest possible range of setups for testing purposes. On the other hand, it means players are using maxed gear setups that you wouldn't typically find in Bounty Hunter.

To get the best of both, you will continue to have access to all stats and gear until next week's update. After that, you will be restricted to the presets that we have added. These have been designed to represent the setups you would likely use in the live game. After this, we expect to get more feedback on the changes to the gameplay mechanics themselves. Let us know if you would like additional presets added and include the stats, equipped items, and inventory in your feedback. Our ability to add presets is limited so we'll prioritise the ones that represent the most common PvP player styles.

The New Mysterious Emblems

We've seen feedback on these is saying that they do not stack in the bank. This is intentional as there is no need to hoard them.

Archaic Emblems

Some players would like these to be notable for easy points redemption in bulk. This is not possible without making them tradeable, which would be inappropriate as they will be discontinued items until the old Bounty Hunter shop is removed.

Instead we will try to allow the Emblem Trader to convert the ones in your bank. This will take some time and is not expected for next week's update.

Other players were caught off guard by Archaic emblems being removed from the Wilderness Slayer loot table. They have been re-added for now, since the beta does not otherwise affect the live game, but will be removed at full launch.
Non-BH Specific Feedback

The Rune Pouch

There is no clear consensus on how much the rune pouch should cost in the Slayer reward points shop so this question will be in the next available poll. We also mentioned offering the pouch elsewhere, like the Mage Training Arena. This would be polled and its existence there would be in addition to the current places it is available.

Ring of Wealth, Magic Shortbow & Clue Boxes

Following feedback, we would like to poll making these available as rare loot from Larran's chest. They would remain in the Bounty Hunter shop, but this would offer an alternate way to obtain them while adding some value to Wilderness Slayer.
Your Thoughts

Your input will be crucial in shaping the Bounty Hunter rework from its current form in the beta to the final minigame rework. Let us know what you think of the above (additional task suggestions in particular) as well as anything else! Feel free to discuss this post on this Reddit thread, Twitter thread, and the #bounty-hunter channel in the community-led Old School Discord server.

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