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November 08, 2019 - Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback


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Quote taken directly from www.old-school.runescape.com


Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback

Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback
Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback

Yesterday we closed the Bounty Hunter Rework Beta and released it in the live game. Since then, players have flooded to Edgeville to try out the changes and let us know what they think!

Based on the initial feedback, we would like to make some changes. The list below is by no means exhaustive; we'll be making a note of any other important issues that crop up. Note that these changes aren't guaranteed to come next week as we are now focusing on the Twisted League - but don't worry, they're coming soon.

Here are the changes you can look forward to:
  • The Rune Pouch is now less accessible to PKers who play on PvP worlds rather than the Bounty Hunter minigame. In response, we'd like to reduce its cost in the Bounty Hunter shop to 15 points, down from 75.
  • For similar reasons, we'd like to reduce the cost of the Looting Bag from 4 Bounty Points to 2.
  • To encourage players to attempt the Player Bounty Tasks, we'd like to reduce their rotation time from 30 minutes to 20.

Some of you have pointed out that bonuses to emblem upgrades are not an appropriate reward for getting kills in hotspots because it's unrealistic to expect players to bring three emblems to deep parts of the Wilderness.

It has also come to our attention that some players have boosted the system, so a hotfix has been rolled out to reduce the number of upgraded emblems from each killstreak from three to one. In the meantime, we'll reconsider the incentives for killing targets in hotspots.

We're also aware of suggestions for a 'Teleport to Hotspot'. While this would make hotspots more inviting, it's not clear what the effects of creating the ability to teleport to so many different parts of the Wilderness might be. We'd like to hold off on this idea until the hotspot benefits are solidified.

Mods Acorn, Archie, Ash, Bonsai, Bruno, Curse, Ed, Fed, Flippy, Gambit, Gee, Ghost, Husky, John C, Kieren, Lenny, Lottie, Nasty, Oasis, Roq, Ry, Sween, Tide, Weath & West
The Old School Team


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