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Zelcadian Order Recruiting

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Zelcadian Order Discordhttps://discord.gg/sXhevp5
Zelcadian Order Twitchhttps://www.twitch.tv/zelcadiagaming

Zelcadian Order
Description of the clan
The Zelcadian Order is a new clan that focuses on warring, skilling, and combat related ventures. Our ultimate goal is to bring together a community of runescape players and gamers. The Zelcadian Order was around a long time ago in numerous forms, dating back to OSR and RS2, and was managed by Superbuu91. Now, the Zelcadian Order is back for RS3. We hope you will join us for RS related ventures and for other gaming adventures.  

Example Events
Twitch Live Play
Treking for God Items
Loot Share
Battle Royals 
Pk Trips (when released again)
Boxing Matches 
Drop Partys 
KBD Trips
Kalaphite Queen trips
Training events for every skill
Capture the Flag 
...and many more

This clan is a RS3 clan only (we accept OSR / RS2 players) and we welcome both f2p and p2p. This clan has something for everyone. Those who like pk-ing/combat should love it in the clan because we have many pk-trips/combat events or variations on that. Those that don't pk or like combat also get some events. Currently we have a few people that don't pk on a regular basis and they are all having a good time. We have a wide range of players, we even have some combat 100+.
We are a relatively new clan, but the name has been out since 2006. The task was put in front of Superbuu91 and he decided to revive the old clan and it is becoming better than before! We regularly clean the memberlist of inactive members so the the numbers we put here are accurate.
We are starting with a Discord chat for now and we are big and very active.  We talk a lot about runescape of course but we have other boards too. For example we have a technology forum where we discuss programming etc, of course we have an off topic forum where we discuss every day life and we have many more non-RS boards.
Minimum Joining Requirements:
To join with combat you must have at least one of the below. 
1. Combat 70+
2. Combat 60+ with 75+ range
3. Combat 60+ with 75+ magic
To join the Zelcadian Order with a skill you must have one of the following choices. (Note that you don't need this if you meet the combat requirements.)
1. Your highest non-combat skill must be 70+.
Other Requirements
1. You MUST be active on the Discord chat as it is our main source of communication.
2. For all main clan events (wars, meetings, major events, etc) you MUST wear a black cape unless it is specified otherwise.
How to join?
Join the Discord server and say hello! Zelcadian Order Discordhttps://discord.gg/sXhevp5

Thank you for your time reading this topic. We hope you will join the Zelcadian Order!

Zelcadian Order Discordhttps://discord.gg/sXhevp5
Zelcadian Order Twitchhttps://www.twitch.tv/zelcadiagaming

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