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Creating a Clan Recruitment Thread

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Looking for a clan? Looking to make a thread advertising your clan? Here's one way you can do it!

Clan Recruitment Threads

When making a clan recruitment thread, be sure you make it under 1mb!

Most people usually start off with a clan banner (under 100kb preferably, however it can be any size under 1mb, but you'll see why it should be lower later on) at the top of the thread. They also have a link to their clan site embedded into the banner, but not to websites other then their clan. The way to do this is like this:


[url=(insert clan site name here][/url]

To get the direct image URL, using Internet Explorer, you right click the image and copy/paste the url right next to the words "Address (URL)".
One example of this would be this:
 *Note: New Members will be unable to post links. Once you become an established member, you will have the ability to post and embed links.
Next, you usually put some information about your clan. Please try to make it not offensive to anybody, and appropriate for all ages. This is pretty straightforward; you just type some text in. It can be about anything in your clan; your forums, your history, even your members! In the text remember to include type of clan, link to your website/forum, requirements to join, number of clan members, and people to contact. If you have different sections in your clan for different leveled players please include it all in one thread and not multiple threads. You can also add color by doing this:

[color=(insert color you want here)]Text Here![/color]

Alternately, you can use the built in color editor by simply selecting the text you want colored, and clicking the color palette.
Some colors have special codes that look like this:


These are usually in-between shades, however things like "red", "pink", "blue", and "dark red" work quite well.

After the clan information, many people put a few images of clans pking. These should be limited to 2-3, and once again, make sure they're under 1mb total (along with the banner). These images can be about almost anything your clan does, from parties to skill-training to pking. Again, you can put the link to your clan site in the image by using the same method as above.
Finally, you may want to just quickly sum up all of the information you've put above, and have a message saying something along the lines of "Join our clan now!" This will help users who don't want to read a huge topic and just want to get to bashing in everyone else's skulls and having a great time!

"Looking For A Clan!" Threads

Threads which advertise your skills that are available to help out a clan, or that say you're looking for a clan are generally short, sweet, and to the point. They basically want to make you look as appealing as possible to a clan. The skills most commonly advertised are your attack, defence, strength, hit points, prayer, magic, ranged, and your 1-2 highest skills other than those. They also usually say what kind of clan you're looking for (small, large, pking, skilling etc.)

Advertising Your Clan On Another Thread

Replies to threads that are looking for a clan usually have a banner in the topic and then a little information about their clan. You may not want to even put a little information in the reply and plainly put "Join Us Now!". Remember to include a link to your topic on RuneHQ and not to the actual site. When making the replies, please try to make them under 100kb this way it will not take a long time for users of RuneHQ to load the page. That is usually all you will want to put in a reply to a "Looking For A Clan!" Thread.


If you have any questions about the clan forums, please contact a Forum Moderator.

Good luck in creating a Clan Recruitment thread!

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