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Elite Dungeon 2 quick guide

With Faith

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Dragonkin Laboratory


  • Completion of Elite Dungeon 1 at least once
    • Note: Story mode completion only counts if you have completed it since the release of Elite Dungeon 2


  • North-Eastern side of the wilderness, South-East of Rogue's Castle and Chaos Elemental
    • Safe in the waiting area
    • Wilderness banker located in safe zone
  • Getting there:
    • Max guild boss portal
    • Dragonkin Lab teletab
    • Group system teleport
    • Running through wilderness (not advised

General Information:

  • Group size 1-3
  • Normal mode and Story Mode
    • In story mode monsters have less hp and deal less damage
    • Worst xp and no drops is the trade off
  • Dangerous deaths
  • Familiars are allowed

Recommended Setup:

  • Ranged or Magic
    • Ranged with the Hexhunter bow makes quick work of a lot of the dungeon
    • Magic's ease of using Vulnerability and Guthix Staff make minibosses and bosses faster to down
  • T80+ power armor
  • T80+ weapons
  • Shield switch recommended for bosses
  • Enhanced Excalibur recommended to save food
  • Inventory (adjust based on needs/experience):
    • 1 overload flask (supreme/holy/normal)
    • 1 Super prayer renewal
    • 1 Replenishment potion
    • 2-3 Super Restore Flasks
    • 4 Saraomin brew flasks
    • Enhanced Excalibur (recommended)
    • Shield Switch (recommended)
    • Vulnerability runes (optional)
    • Guthix Staff (optional)
    • Sharks or better for remaining inventory

Example Inventory
ranged inventory.png


Unique Drops/Black Stone Title Log:

  • Mutated Flurry ability codex (1st boss)
  • Diary of an Overzealous Gnome (1st boss)
  • Mutated Fury ability codex (2nd boss)
  • Redacted Dragonkin Research (2nd boss)
  • Mutated Barge ability codex (3rd boss)
  • Draconic energy (3rd boss)
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The Bosses:

  • Astellarn, The First Celestial
    • Stats
      • Combat Level: 1200
      • Life Points: 450,000
      • Primary attack is magic
    • Specials
      • Pulsar
        • Summons a Pulsar that sends up a blast of energy, dealing Cannon type damage
        • This hits the full area, despite graphical appearance
        • 20,000 LP to kill
      • Rain
        • Creates a glistening rain covering 1/4th of the arena
        • Damage stacks up over time and hits rapidly
        • Avoid by moving anywhere else except where it is
      • Wyrmhole
        • Someone in the party gets tagged with a wyrmhole and blue meter
        • Once meter is filled wyrmhole will drop where the player is standing
        • Deals damage when standing in it
      • Neutron
        • A Neutron gets spawned for each player in the arena
        • Lure the Neutron's over the wyrmhole to create a purified wyrmhole
        • Once wyrmhole turns white, stand on it to be able to damage Astellarn
        • Getting hit by the Nebula hurts the team by around 5,000 damage
      • This cycle rotates until dead
  • Verak Lith
    • Stats
      • Combat Level: 1450
      • Life Points: 550,000
      • Primary attack is magic
    • Specials
      • Spire
        • Verak slams his tail on the ground, in which a spire falls down dealing melee damage
        • Spires have 15,000 LP
        • When active, Verak cannot be attacked
        • Can be blocked by devotion
        • Can be healed by initial hit using resonance
        • spire.png
      • Air support
        • A red circle with arrow will appear on the ground aiming at a player, after a few seconds a black dragon flies by causing a line of ice/shock/poison to appear for a few seconds
        • Target circle will move if the player moves as its preparing
        • bombing.png
      • Eggs
        • There are three piles of eggs in the room, shock, ice, and poison
        • Players will get a yellow arrow telling them where to run, as well as a visual appearance of the style of attack
        • The attack style is also noted in a dialogue pop up
        • Once you get the charge you will get a timer bar, run to an egg that is of a different style than the charge you got (i.e. poison charge going to ice or shock)
        • Failure to do so will result in a 4-5k hit
        • Poison  poison.png
        • Frost ice.png
        • Shock shock.png
      • Fire Storm
        • An area is targeted by a square of burning flames
        • Erupts into a field of fire twisters, similar to hard mode Kree'arra
        • Run away
        • fire.png
        • nado.png
  • Black Stone Dragon
    • Stats
      • Combat Level: 25000
      • Life Points: 650,000
      • Primary attack is magic, can use all three
    • Specials
      • Rock spikes
        • Screen shakes and a row of spikes will move towards the players location when cast
        • Hits a 5x5 area of spikes once it reach location, dealing upwards 5,000 damage
        • avoid by moving at least three squares away (more to be safe)
      • Black Hands
        • Around 550,000 the BSD will move to the center of the arena and four black hands will spawn on each corner
        • 80,000 LP and high defense
        • Very short attack range, and attacks with magic
        • Once magic hit lands a row of shadow hands crawls towards the player where they took the hit from
        • handlocationsforums.png
      • Spiral Fire
        • Row of white fire starts making a circle around BSD, spiraling inwards
        • Stay close to BSD until the first circle is almost done, then run away as the beginning clears away
      • Shadow Bombs
        • BSD sends a projectile that looks like its default magic attack to a part of the arena
        • These bombs hit hard and in a massive area, but do not travel far
        • Surge/Run/Dive out of the bomb area if you get caught in it
      • Flying/Tracking fire
        • At around 250,000 BSD will start flying and landing around the arena, much like phase two vindicta
        • Each time BSD lands a ball of white fire is placed down
        • This fire tracks and slowly crawls towards every player in the arena
        • Focus on avoiding fire/creating dead zones between all of the flames as they last awhile
        • Fight resumes as normal after this goes on for a little while



*All of these bosses are pretty nice with announcing their attacks and most are pretty easy to avoid. The issue is their high defense turn a normal fight into an endurance challenge as even someone with max gear will splash hits occasionally.

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  • Laboratory slimes
    • 20,000 LP
    • Style: Melee
    • Special: Generates another Laboratory slime that has 10,000 LP
  • Lava Spiders
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Ranged
    • Special: Poisonous (?)
  • Red Dragon
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
  • Magma golem
    • 20,000 LP
    • Style: Melee
  • Celestial Dragon
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
    • Special: Will start to rapidly heal self, use any stun to stop
  • Lava Strykewyrm
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Magic
  • Black Dragon
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
  • Dragonstone Dragon
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
    • Special: AoE spikes, reduces anti-fire duration
  • Onyx Dragons
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
    • Special: AoE spikes, heals the dragon
  • Hydrix Dragons
    • ??? LP
    • Style: Dragonfire (Magic)
    • Special: AoE spikes, adrenaline loss
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