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  1. Tried out the initial beta when most things were just colorful cubes. Will be interesting to see the changes since back then
  2. It was on this day that I was able to knock out the spider breeding log! That means I have 3 completed, 6 more to go. Which one do you think I'll end up completing next?
  3. Not many more super duper awesome updates yet, but I did unlock the chromatic partyhat!
  4. Study hard! Thanks for the great times and hope to catch ya around
  5. Nice work! Soon you'll have a rainbow of dragons across your entire farm!
  6. Another great workweek of progress. Finished my second breeding log (chickens!), and did some ED2. On my latest run of ED2 I got my last missing lore book, so I have now reclaimed my master quest cape!
  7. Hey, nothing is wrong with a bit of purple in your life
  8. Don't think you should be feeding your dragons a rubber duck...
  9. So, with a little bit of help and some more luck I completed the second breeding log, chickens!
  10. Well I guess I've been going at it a bit at the farms since its release.. Bred a Jackalope, completing the rabbit breeding log Unlocked small pen breeding Completed the full Master Farmers outfit 3 baby dragons, totally 5 now (no you can't have them) 2 Blue 2 Black 1 Red Obtained my first Yak drop Other animals: 20+ Rabbits (yes you can have some of these) 1 Rooster, White hen, and Varrockian Hen 1 Giant and 1 Spirit Spider 1 male 1 female zygomite 1 male yak 1 bull 1 cow (base ones)
  11. My herbs would still find a way to be in that 5%... thanks for the information though!
  12. Look at the progress in these gains!