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  1. Resources Animal droppings: Animal droppings in pens can be shoveled out for farming experience, but doing so provides no benefits to your anumals; Note that Spiders and Zygomites do not produce any dung. Some of the droppings (Manure, Green manure, & Dragon manure) can be placed into buckets to add to your compost bin to create compost. Manure - normal Compost Green manure - Super compost Dragon manure - Ultra compost Ingredients: In addition to obtaining experience when checking on your critters, it is also possible to obtai
  2. Items needed: Food Fruit Vegetables Seeds Mushrooms Flowers Meat Fish Pens Small pens x2 10 Oak planks (protean planks) Iron+ nails (75 nails per pen) 20 Construction Medium pens x2 15 Teak planks (protean planks) Mithril+ nails (150 nails per pen) 40 Construction Large pens x2 20 Mahogany planks (protean planks) Rune nails (
  3. Animals and how to get: You can check what animals you have bred before at Sam the Sheepdog SMALL PENS Rabbits - 17 Farming Common brown rabbit Obtained by killing rabbits around runescape and through breeding Rellekkan cream rabbit Obtained by killing rabbits near the swaying tree in Rellekka and through breeding Piscatorian cottontail rabbit Obtained by hunting rabbits near eagles peak and through breeding Jackalope Obtained randomly by breeding rabbits
  4. Requirements to start: 17 Farming 20 Construction Location: Near Ardougne lodestone How to get there: Ardougne lodestone Ardougne cloak Getting started: If players have the required levels they can make there way to the farm. Upon first arriving to the Manor Farm you will want to speak to Granny Potterington to being the tutorial. She is also the NPC that provides the basic information about the farm to the players. In the tutorial Granny will have you check two rabbits, feed them, breed them, and sell one. Upon completion of the tutorial you will
  5. since its been a solid year or so since RuneHQ has seen me I think..
  6. Almost forgot about this! Sign me up gotta get some gains in
  7. Monsters Laboratory slimes 20,000 LP Style: Melee Special: Generates another Laboratory slime that has 10,000 LP Lava Spiders ??? LP Style: Ranged Special: Poisonous (?) Red Dragon ??? LP Style: Dragonfire (Magic) Magma golem 20,000 LP Style: Melee Celestial Dragon ??? LP Style: Dragonfire (Magic) Special: Will start to rapidly heal self, use any stun to stop Lava Strykewyrm ??? LP
  8. The Bosses: Astellarn, The First Celestial Stats Combat Level: 1200 Life Points: 450,000 Primary attack is magic Specials Pulsar Summons a Pulsar that sends up a blast of energy, dealing Cannon type damage This hits the full area, despite graphical appearance 20,000 LP to kill Rain Creates a glistening rain covering 1/4th of the arena Damage stacks up over time and hits
  9. Dragonkin Laboratory Requirements: Completion of Elite Dungeon 1 at least once Note: Story mode completion only counts if you have completed it since the release of Elite Dungeon 2 Location: North-Eastern side of the wilderness, South-East of Rogue's Castle and Chaos Elemental Safe in the waiting area Wilderness banker located in safe zone Getting there: Max guild boss portal Dragonkin Lab teletab Group system teleport Running through wilderness (not advised General Information:
  10. Temple of Aminishi Requirements: Impressing the Locals Location: Aminishi Group size: 1-3 Modes: Normal Mode / Story Mode Recommended levels: 80+ combat stats, 95 prayer, 96 herblore Recommended gear: T80+ power armor, T80+ weapons Recommended style: Magic or Ranged Helpful equipment: Shield swap, Enhanced Excalibur, vulnerability runes Devotion highly recommended Deaths: Unsafe Familiars: Allowed Inventory (adjust based on needs): • Overload • Prayer Renewal • Super Restore flasks • Enhanced Excalibur
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