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  1. So, I've been absent again. But this time I do actually have a good excuse! You know, with the whole elder god invasion of Senntisten and all. "But Haxorze, does your return mean they gave up?" I hear you say my loyal friends. Well of course not! But the last attempt from them doesn't allow me to go in crossbows blazing, and I instead have to hone my pacifist side by doing gathering skills. I won't lie, I'm about as good at labouring skills as a rock is at being a music genre; it all depends on the context of the situation. But now that I'm here, let me tell you all I know about the three first strikes from the old ones. Jas and the strategic assault The first action from the elders came as no surprise, I mean, Kerapac had already told us about it prior to the attack. But after having enslaved Kerapac again, she instructed him to bring her an army of dragonkins. And him being lazy took the only ones that he didn't have to talk to first. Enter the sleeping dragonkin, the Nodons. These highly technological clan of walking dragons has entered the battlefield north-west of the cathedral where my divine mercenaries reside, and they have brought cannons. Kerapac himself is waiting inside a colosseum, wich he has renovated with his elder artefacts. Luckily he has forgotten the mirror in his bathroom, so that makes fighting him a lot easier. So I just stroll in and kill him a few times. Luckily he has forgotten the mirror in his bathroom, so that makes fighting him a lot easier... Wait... So I just stroll in and kill him a few times. Luckily he has forgotten the mirror... Ok, that's it. You win Kerapac, I give up. Wen and the sub-zero redemption arc The second elder takes a much more chill approach. Indtead of a tactical advancement of forces, she just teleports a bunch of glacors to the southern parts of Senntisten, including a giant Arch-Glacor. Rumour has it she didn't even look them in the eyes as she brought them in, thats cold Wen! Azzanadra has tasked some of Gielinor's greatest magicians to help subdue this towering monstrosity and it's powers. I tell them I can take it on all by myself, because fortunately it's ice-olated on top of an aqueduct, and I'm bringing the heat. I'm fighting the thing tooth and hail, but it just keeps coming back angrier and angrier. That's an ice mechanic you got there. Well that's cool, I'm just gonna slip out of here and leave it to the wizards. Bik and the possible Yu-Gi-Oh refrence Before Bik played her hand, Seren decided to move some of the guards from Lumbridge and Varrock to the frontlines of the battlefield. That's a very clever idea Seren, let us bring in the men who are struggeling to fend of goblins and zombies to a war against gods. It went as good as one would assume, and they all died when Bik decided to revive an ancient fungal experiment that feeds and grows stronger on the dead. Meet Croesus, I have no idea what it really is, but I do know I can't fight it normally, because it requires gathering mushrooms and building statues. I'll just leave this to the skillers. Ful and the TBD Well I don't know, I'm not a time traveler, yet. During all this warfare and bloodshed, the gods of Gielinor has been standing in the catherdral BIK-ering to eachother. No MAH-tter what, they JAS can't get along with eachother. WEN they stop being so FUL of themselves, we might have a shot at winning. Ok, I'll stop now.
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