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  1. Now I can't even hide from zing in the max guild anymore Gratz!
  2. In case you guys were intrested: this is the stuff you get from doing 100 group dungeons and 100 solo dungeons in the Temple of Aminishi. Most boss drops, like the 1k ancient scales I got, aren't in here though.
  3. Do some bossing/Div to get the the funds then
  4. Loucetios


    Already used all of them to buy hydrixes, couldn't resist the 20m cash of each of them
  5. About time that dragon dropped that, considering your kc Gratz!
  6. Loucetios


    It has been a goal for a while, and toady I finally completed 1000 reaper assignments
  7. Gratz! It seems you are collecting the drops nice in order. First torva helm, now torva platebody. Nex-t drop will probably be the legs
  8. Gratz on all the gains! Could you breed another one for me? I could use one too
  9. Looks intresting. But how do you do combat in mobile? It looks hard to trigger all abilities like you normally do.