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  1. After doing raids for a while, I finally completed all the raids feats and got the Daredevil tittle
  2. Nice, you are getting closer
  3. Not bad. Now make another to wear yourself How long did it take to make, btw? (Only the smithing, not mining the ores and making bars)
  4. About time you posted an update, it was already 2 months ago Gl on the masterwork
  5. Yeah, masterwork will probably crash hard, considering the high alch value of elder rune items is only 10k*amount of bars they are made of. Or in other words (after some calculating): I think masterwork will lose like 90% of it's value over time.
  6. Gl on making it Still haven't figured out if I should make it myself, or just buy the ores. Probably just buy the stuff, if it keeps dropping
  7. That are some nice stats I'm not even anywhere close to that in osrs
  8. Gratz on all the quests!
  9. After 235 yakamaru kills, I finally got the yakaminu pet This was also the last thing I needed for the collection log and the Liberator tittle.