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  1. Will do i'm currently working on the issue and we will let you know when it is resolved. SiriusXM
  2. @ChathMurrpau200M construction of BUST! Don't disappoint
  3. We are not Jagex, we can't unlock or recover any accounts.
  4. Have a awesome day... may you find plenty and bountiful frequencies.

  5. We worked our magic together and I can honestly say were gonna rock this project together and it'll be RuneHQ in it's final form
  6. Everyone welcome our newest Developer and addition to the RuneHQ Family Scarlywars will be taking up the amazing job of giving the RuneHQ website (starting with the front page) a new lick of paint. I've seen her work and I can say it's amazing!
  7. Everyone please welcome our newest dev on the team @thatscot! He will be a great help with our projects for 2020 and the future of RuneHQ
  8. Everyone please welcome our newest developer Adamas! He will be aiding Alk12 and myself as a full stack developer, he brings great knowledge to the team. Can't wait to see what he can do!
  9. Due to real life commitments With Faith has decided to resign. Please PM him if you wish to say your goodbyes.
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