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  1. 120 HP knocked out yesterday during my slay grind. Ive been like 600k away for a month but I knew I would be doing slayer grind on DXP so I just left it. Feels good to finish it.
  2. Welcome back Things are a little quiet on the forum these days but clan chat is good :). As for goals im grinding out 99 arch currently 91. Then its 120 Slay/Farming Whats your goals?
  3. Head over and give it a shot then
  4. Another week down and slowly getting closer to max again.
  5. Arch levels, Div levels and reaper drops. Been a good week for me Knocked off a couple other quests which I forgot to take screeners of. All my boss drops are log progress which is great!
  6. Couple more levels :). Closing in on 90 mil farming also and 120 HP.
  7. 3 down is giving me a tough time..... ive tried a few different words. ill figure it out eventually
  8. Ive been a busy bee last few days 73-78 arch, 110 agil, 2 nooby quests and Associate done for arch. Phew!
  9. Week away with work so no RS. Back now and got 72 arch tonight.
  10. Ehhh congrats
  11. Ouch lol. Ive done like 80 mil div with prod 60 mil being none cache xp and no luck as well. Though I was 188mil DG when pets came out and I lucked out and got it day of release (one of 12 people).
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