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  1. The Queen of Thieves on Runescape Old School.

    Sorry I messed up my last message.

    Where is Councelor Hughes' House?

    Someone asked me to put up a screen shot but I didn't know how to do that I finally got help on that.

    Now how do I put a screenshot of the forum?

    Can someone please help me with that too?

    1. ChathMurrpau


      I apologize this wasn't seen earlier... you can add a picture a few ways:

      1. simply take a screen shot (keyboard should have a "prnt screen" button somewhere) and paste (ctrl+v or right click and choose "paste") it into the message box
      2. along the bottom of the text box it says "drag files here to attach, or choose files..."
        1. have a folder (or your desktop) visible and simply drag the desired file into the text field
        2. click "choose files..." and a pop up will appear to let you choose any file from your computer
      3. just above the "submit reply" button you should see an "insert other media" button. Clicking this will allow you to:
        1. reuse attachments you've added to previous posts (insert existing attachment)
        2. add a new image from URL

      I hope this was helpful!

  2. I don't know how to do that game shot stuff I'm old school and I can barely turn on my computer to play I'm computer illiterate so to speak I'm in the market place near the Hosidious general store in world 523 that's the world I usually play in because there are less people there and I have been following the quest from the hq Old School quest section
  3. I'm in Runescape Old School and the instruction of across the street from the Hosidious general store mean nothing because I checked all the buildings around the market and I found no chest anywhere and the picture in hq quest help where the character is standing beside a red barrel with a chest beside it I found only one red barrel at the bar and there was no chest there so I am still looking for that stupid chest.
  4. Please someone help me, Where is Counselor Hughes' house hq quest help picture is out of proportion and instructions don't make sense I need to find the lock chest to complete the quest;
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