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  1. Back at it again with another 99, farming this time around.
  2. Thanks everyone
  3. While still grinding out this Salty title (boy is that fun...haha), ended up getting 99 Divination! (Nearly 99 farming as well).
  4. Many thanks, was quite the surprise!
  5. Was on some uncharted islands looking for some various things, decided to get some energy for some chimes and Willow appeared!
  6. Scott

    99 Firemaking

    Many thanks everyone (hopefully if i get around to it, some more 99's in the nearish future)
  7. Didn't plan on getting this one, wasn't even halfway to it, bit had the means so I decided to just go and do it haha. (yay image upload worked this time)
  8. Scott

    99 Smithing

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Finally decided to get 99 smithing as I was oh so close for awhile, so yay. (would post a image but for some reason it will not let me.)
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