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  1. Thanks everyone! And yeah, been doing a few quests here and there, last long one being WGS so I could finally make the Pickaxe of Earth and Song. Deciding to start working on the Area task achievements. Figured out I need to do 21 more quests to complete all of them. Also here in the image of how long it took to get 99 in all.
  2. Alright, here it is. Finally got the 99 Invention to finish off getting the Max cape! Literally have no idea what's next in the plans. I always loved fishing so I might make 120 my next goal. Or the backlog of quests I have. Who knows!
  3. Well, just now down to one skill, Invention. Shouldn't be too bad. Just about there!
  4. Thanks! Just looking at Agility and Invention left.
  5. Been a little bit, but I've been busy with this and that, but got 99 Dungeoneering! Down to just 2 left!
  6. Yep, back at it again with another one. Down to 3 skills left though! Agility, Invention, and Dungeoneering.
  7. Randomly decided to do a slayer task and had this guy show up on me!
  8. Yep, back again. Got this last night, another one down!
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. Back at it again with another one! Sure ya'll getting sick of seeing them now haha. Next one is most likely going to be rcing, but not sure when. Down to Agility, RCing, Invention, Thieving, and dungeoneering!
  11. Another 99 ticked off the list. Slowly checking them off, getting to some skills I rather dislike though haha.
  12. Scott

    99 Arch!

    Got 99 arch last night before I headed off to bed. Slowly ticking off those 99's. Think I have..6 left to go. Also got the gatherer's cape with this as well.
  13. Got a few 99's: Magic, Ranged, and Summoning. Think magic was like a month ago but I never posted it and Ranged and Summoning were within the last couple days. It also gave me 138 combat (finally haha) and of course got the Combatant's cape to go along with it.
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