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  1. Got a few 99's: Magic, Ranged, and Summoning. Think magic was like a month ago but I never posted it and Ranged and Summoning were within the last couple days. It also gave me 138 combat (finally haha) and of course got the Combatant's cape to go along with it.
  2. Finally got myself 99 woodcutting!
  3. Hm...should I ask? haha. Anyways thanks everyone!
  4. Well this one was super unexpected. Only was training some summoning because of Voice of Amlodd was active while I was doing something else in Prif so I figured what the hell.
  5. Finally got it. What a fun adventure haha... WAs on and off trying to get it forever and finally got the last little bit of chimes I needed to get the last item. Woo.
  6. Not sure yet. Next closest is woodcutting, so that should be easy. Would just need 99 arch for the gatherers cape after that. We shall see. Also, thanks everyone!
  7. Been a little bit but I'm back with another level 99!
  8. Welp finally decided to get that slayer up to 99 after it just sitting there forever! Also last topic I promise. Not super close to any other 99 currently (or have the time/supplies/money to dedicate to at least :p). Or at least I don't think... heh.
  9. Yes another post from me :P. This one I didn't even decided to do until 2 days ago. Was sitting at..87? I believe and just kind of went for it. Also got to 94 before I learned what a Scroll of cleansing was...ah well, still got it!
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