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  1. Welp finally decided to get that slayer up to 99 after it just sitting there forever! Also last topic I promise. Not super close to any other 99 currently (or have the time/supplies/money to dedicate to at least :p). Or at least I don't think... heh.
  2. Yes another post from me :P. This one I didn't even decided to do until 2 days ago. Was sitting at..87? I believe and just kind of went for it. Also got to 94 before I learned what a Scroll of cleansing was...ah well, still got it!
  3. Scott

    99 Prayer!

    Thanks everyone. I've recently just been training random things currently. Getting this and that up, but I am going to get some slayer done. Would like herb done as well but uncertain if I can within the next few days.
  4. Following up the hunter 99, I've ben crazy close to 99 prayer for.... forever, decided to finally put this one to bed. Next closest is slayer at 98 (again sitting there forever).
  5. Another 99 down, woo. Was fairly close and finally decided to get it. Close on a few others as well that I will get... as well as Salty title. Nearly there finally haha.
  6. While still grinding away at Arc stuff (still here yes.. haha but getting closer to Salty!), happened to run across Brains! As well as getting the Jack of Trades title!
  7. Back at it again with another 99, farming this time around.
  8. Thanks everyone
  9. While still grinding out this Salty title (boy is that fun...haha), ended up getting 99 Divination! (Nearly 99 farming as well).
  10. Many thanks, was quite the surprise!
  11. Was on some uncharted islands looking for some various things, decided to get some energy for some chimes and Willow appeared!
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