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  1. Scott

    99 Mining!

    Haha. Eventually but probably not anytime soon :p. Fishing will be the first but I've had other things I want to do as well so that also might be awhile as well. And thanks everyone!
  2. Scott

    99 Mining!

    Forgot to post this yesterday before I went to work, but I got 99 mining! First 99 I've had in quite a long time ha.
  3. Was doing a bit of mining at the Seren stones after I got home from work and to my surprise, I got Rocky!
  4. Thank you everyone!
  5. Finally caught me a bubbles! Took around... 14.5m experience I believe. But I am happy. Trying to eventually do all things fishing. Fishing has always been a favorite of mine. Was my first 99 back in like...good lord 07? or before that I don't even know.
  6. I need to stop expecting for Bubbles then... Anyways congrats!
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