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  1. So was doing some dung holing at the Lumbridge crater and got Gordie. I'm..not sure how long I actually had him because I logged out at 5pm (reset time) and back in for spins and saw he was sitting in my inventory, and scrolled all the way back up in chat and still didn't see when I got him haha.
  2. Scott

    99 Mining!

    Haha. Eventually but probably not anytime soon :p. Fishing will be the first but I've had other things I want to do as well so that also might be awhile as well. And thanks everyone!
  3. Scott

    99 Mining!

    Forgot to post this yesterday before I went to work, but I got 99 mining! First 99 I've had in quite a long time ha.
  4. Was doing a bit of mining at the Seren stones after I got home from work and to my surprise, I got Rocky!
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