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Status Updates posted by Robbie

  1. 8 more 99's till max...seems surreal as I never thought I would ever make it this far!

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    2. Robbie


      Yeah, I've been doing safes for a while, forgot the route I used to take though.

    3. senug


      The route I take is:

      Camelot Castle

      Ardy market (house on top floor west of market and north on top floor)

      Ardy castle (first floor UK)

      North of Ardy castle (first floor)

      Yanille (just by the wall and top floor of bar)

      4 in Zamouregals fort

      2 in Zanaris (through gate)

    4. Katalex


      You've got this - believe!  😊

  2. Getting Arch and invent to level 80 then level 90 is going to take a while, hoping to get 2 more 99's before then.

  3. Figured it was time for an actual profile picture, enjoy nature.

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