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  1. Super Congrats Panda! Let's hope the new bosses won't be toooo difficult.
  2. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  3. VIP slayer tickets are used when you go to a slayer master for a task, instead of being shown 1 option, you will get an additional option that will use a ticket if you choose it.
  4. Congrats none the less!
  5. About DAMN time RNG was nice to you. Massive congrats Panda!
  6. Robbie


    Congrats Panda!
  7. Only at 1968 atm, but i kill around 170-180 each hour.
  8. Congrats, I'm hoping my last pet doesn't take too much longer.
  9. After nearly a decade since i got 99 (28/09/2013) I finally delved into enough dungeons to become not only a master but a True master! This is my 5th 120.
  10. Huge Congrats again panda!
  11. Me and 3ter are working on getting the guide complete for it to be released to public, I will address these potential changes.
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