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  1. Congratz Zing. Surprised you realized that from all the times you are sleeping.
  2. Aww sad to see you go Telle. Good luck in whatever you decide to do and thanks for all you done for the site.
  3. Thanks when I was excavating I didn’t even realise that I just saw a random thingy in my inventory I thought was a material but upon looking at the chatbox realised it was Archie
  4. Hi all I have achieved my 4th skill pet, Archie (Archaeology) at level 75 Archaeology.
  5. Lol I guess it took you just about a week to get over the surprise/shock before you realised you needed to post it Joke aside, gratz though.
  6. Oh so that was a pet? Gratz
  7. Love this minigame, I’ll try to make it. Need some thalers anyway... I think... I’ll still try to make it even if I don’t need thalers, been so long since I played it.
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