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  1. Do you mean there is no ability bar or you don’t know how to add abilites to it? If the former, you are probably either on Legacy mode or interface. If the latter, you need to unlock the ability bar by pressing the padlock icon on the bar and then go to the attack, magic or ranged tab and drag abilities you want onto the bar. Hope this helps If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me
  2. If you already defeated the demon, I doubt you’re going to need to prepare for it again. Unless you want to know a setup for another demon you probably mixed up with the legend one?
  3. Some monsters get bored if the fight takes too long. You’re probably taking long to kill the monster which makes it become bored and stop fighting. Try wearing better gear and using a better weapon.
  4. We do riddles from time to time and scavenger hunts like hiding basic images in posts or something and people have to follow trails and tell us by following clues where the pics are.
  5. senug


    To add to Chath’s answer if you ARE wearing a tiara you don’t need to use anything on the ruins anyway you can just left click enter it.
  6. I was originally going to create a hidden message one but the generator had more leftover letters after the message so decided to do it this way