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Community Answers

  1. Keep going Toeby good gains
  2. Easy? I would not call range and mage easy. Actually let’s call it mange But hey if I get a pet while trying to 99 those, that’s a plus Yeah can’t hold me down The remaining will probably take more time so going to take a break from 99 for now
  3. Hi all, I have now achieved my 26th 99 - Construction. I am now a builder
  4. Dw Mori thanks for the concern. Just hoping to max by the end of the year tbh so got pleeenty of time.
  5. Gratz. You got it at the citadel?
  6. Hey Toeby good luck. I’d say the earlier you do Wandering Ga’al the better since the more you leave it, the more obsidian shards it requires and getting those is a pain
  7. Thanks guys @Toeby@Robbie yeah the remaining 3 is going to take a long time
  8. Hey all I have just received my 25th 99 in the form of Fletching. 3 to go
  9. Thanks Mori. I wouldn’t know about that. There are still 20 more pets for me to get
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