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  1. Gratz to all ranks.
  2. unless they increase max xp in each skill by then
  3. Gratz. Going to get 200m now?
  4. senug

    120 arch

  5. senug


    Gratz on maxing for the 1000th time I haven’t even maxed once so hopefully I will.... one day.
  6. You need to build it from the base camp in Anachronia. If you have the lodestone, teleport to it and then go to the bank which is to the east. You can manage your base from there. You can allocate your workers to different resources.
  7. Hey all I have received my 12th 99 in the form of Herblore. Another step closer to the max cape.
  8. Yeah they’ve actually changed the release date to 19 June now so that’s good. I might convert my preorder to online order so I can get it delivered on release day but problem is we will be moving soon as our house is on sale so don’t know if I will be at the same house by then.
  9. Also to add to that you can’t remove anything from your currency pouch but you are still able to use them
  10. It doesn’t mention any double agents so there will be no monster on that clue. trash, you just need to do the “think” emote in the observatory top floor under the lens (the one near Castle Wars) then when Uri appears, “twirl” emote before talking to him, while wearing the correct items.
  11. The second one looks tougher and more challenging then the first. I was struggling with the Ellie segments in the first one though since there was a limited amount of weapons but since Ellie is the protagonist now I’m sure she’s going to have a lot of weapons this time. Sadly though the release has been delayed again so God knows when it will actually release.
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