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  1. That quest was a pain in the backside, especially with the handholds that have a high fail rate. Even at a pretty decent agility level I failed that at least 20 times. Combat stats should be good. I think I done it at around the same levels as yours so you should be fine.
  2. If I recall correctly, the earlier you pull the required lever for the required room, the easier it is. You can either pull the lever related to the puzzle room first and solve it easily or pull it last and make it hard. Though I’d also pull the lever for the scarab you need to kill early on as well to make that easier too. I forgot what the puzzle looks like as it’s been years since I done it (before EoC came out) so can’t give any better advice.
  3. Congratz you guys
  4. Welcome to the team.
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  7. Gratz everyone. Missed the dxpw but hopefully will make the next one.
  8. Thanks for being a good manager Squig and wish you good luck in the future.
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