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  1. December 2022 and January 2023 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Robbie07731 Wootzer Sam4886 SabrinaMarie ElderTotoro CAPTAIN 69_bmr_69 LIEUTENANT A lord Korukolm Stabby Demon Shalamar2 804Michael SERGEANT Darkfury666 DCME Heps A Lot Mossius MR MudDawg NotaMessiah Spekt xLucyMayx HelenofFrodo CORPORAL sgt begley Sparxrs X Goliath X Deimos CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. November 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL KaeTahr CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT Kornrule0 Yuto Smiley 7 69_bmr_69 Sir Demnic Medic Storm SERGEANT Stabby Demon CORPORAL Dark Fury DCME Mossius MR MudDawg XLucyMayX HelenOfFrodo Congratulations to the new ranks!
  3. September 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Elpasi2 Liskeard55 CAPTAIN FireFireFite Stnr Chong Ari Ebonclod LIEUTENANT CC xD linchpinn SERGEANT Yuto CORPORAL Stabby Demon Congratulations!!!!
  4. August 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL SIJT Retzial CAPTAIN Strajevski LIEUTENANT SERGEANT Zpact McDadda CORPORAL AlanGalaxie grobaat Matsubokkuri Shal amar2 Korukolm Congratulations to the new ranks!!!
  5. JULY 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL HortsuBoy Dos Be CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT SERGEANT DankCrabmeat Smiley 7 Kornrule0 Moggyisme CORPORAL McDadda Yuto Gratz to all!
  6. June 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Kristily Mathematics CAPTAIN Daxana Flams LIEUTENANT Spud98 Stabby Demon SERGEANT Linchpin CC xD CORPORAL Zpact Congratulations!!
  7. May 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL dodieDani Tiggasarus Equadox Ruiran CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT JoyIsForever SERGEANT Snipe82 snurbsies CORPORAL McDadda Smiley7 Moggyisme Kornrule0 DankCrabmeat CONGRATULATIONS to the new ranks!!
  8. April 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Belgabad_88 HermaeusMora CAPTAIN S_Clegane68 Ghostelder Icebergh77 BoigaCyanea2 LIEUTENANT Ex-5 SERGEANT Stabby Demon CORPORAL CCxD snurbsies Congratulations to all!
  9. March 2022 RuneHQ Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Y0u Not have Cyb3rSm1th ArtjomEx3 Senug5 CAPTAIN Hawklette21 stinkfists The Fun Bus SIJT LIEUTENANT Strajevski Fire Fire Fite Charmed Luv Surf Rider1 SERGEANT CORPORAL linchpin Snipe82 Congratulations!!!
  10. February 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL J A R CAPTAIN Chickychac Zombie Hoofd Pluscutart LIEUTENANT Talalld stinkfists Fyda The Fun Bus SERGEANT JoyIsForever Mini Popo CORPORAL Stabby Demon Congratulations to all of the new ranks!!!!
  11. January 2022 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Moroni199 CAPTAIN Arabella2411 Widdher Mintaholic Coffeemug Wobinar LIEUTENANT SERGEANT Ezri77 Woman173 Mini Gekke CORPORAL Spud98 Congratulations to the new ranks!!
  12. December 2021 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Chaz993 Chessji CAPTAIN Indeciisiive Diego V Monk Blanks101 Numerous One ArmadylSpawn LIEUTENANT Flams Chickychac DragonFan910 SERGEANT FireFireFire Beth_1234 CORPORAL Mini Popo JoyIsForever Leuchy Congratulations to the new ranks!!
  13. Reaching out and wishing well to those who are affected by the devastating floods in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Please stay safe.

  14. Due to personal reasons, Mori has resigned from clan staff and has left the clan. I want to personally thank him for all of his time and help through the years. He will truly be missed.
  15. Wishing you the best- thank you for all you have done through the years
  16. Thanks!!!!!! Should be fun and Good Luck to everyone!! Happy Gains!!!
  17. Just a quick note here, on behalf of the clan staff, please understand that all clan staff is instructed not to ask to borrow from any clan mate. If you are approached and they claim to be staff do be mindful. There have been a few instances of this happening and we wish in the future, for this not to have happen again.
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