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  1. 2 hours ago, Hail4Gaming said:

    I understand. Sorry if what I said was taken in a rude way. I kind of just realized how rude it could have sounded XD. If you all need help, I would, but I assume your criteria is probably semi-high.

    2 hours ago, Haseo™ said:

    If help is needed please let me know. I've experience in php,javascript,java,html,html5,css,css3,python.

    Sadly I don't know **** about C/C++C# except they are all vulnerable to Buffer overflow

    Shockingly, our criteria to become a Content Editor is mostly just being able to write English clearly and understanding very basic coding (which we can/will teach you 😉 ). If accepted, we start people off on our Person, Item, Monster database entries as it requires the least amount of coding and allows you to adjust to how we do things. Once comfortable, people are permitted to take our Guide Editor test so they can help with those. They do require more knowledge of code, but again, we can 100% teach you what you need to know for our systems. Truth be told, I knew almost no coding what-so-ever before I began helping here - 3yrs in, I'm one of the people who show our newbies the ropes =3

    Both of you, please feel free to apply on our Application page as we can ALWAYS use help ❤️


    @Haseo™, you may also wanna consider our Developers application as we could use some of those as well I believe.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Hail4Gaming said:

    So many people have uploaded pics, are you guys ever going to add them to the quest? It still says that it doesn't have any so I was going to take my own pics, but there are already so many submissions.

    Yes we are. Unfortunately our Content staff is relatively small while the list of things that need to be done is rather large. We are trying our best to get through as much as we can, as fast as we can.

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  3. 17 hours ago, Telle said:

    I've noticed that I have 2 forums comp awards (regular & veteran).. are these the same or 2 different awards?


    edit: @Ksb Single is there a thread where we can see what's required for awards? like we had on old forums?

    Last version had a page that listed all the awards and who had what. This one *SHOULD* have it. I can see in our management system where it is listed to show, but it is possibly glitched out or something missing somewhere for it to actually be visible. If @Hitorican't fix it for some reason, I'll add a list of sorts to the FAQ section.


    PS, the awards are different tier of same award, I think 1 was just forgotten to be removed 😉

  4. 9 hours ago, Armahkarma said:

    I also don't have access to the staff folders to check/upload them (only have old link and it re-directs me to forums).

    Currently, almost no one has access to the image folders. Hitori was working on incorporating it into new Sitefun, but was having issues so it is not done yet.

  5. Image loads fine for me.... but in case any others have issues...



    BigBlueMonkey: Yeah its step 10. Guides to get three gunpowder, one for each, should be 6 total

    Basically we list half as much gunpowder as needed - items needed (or acquired, not sure which section and don't feel like looking atm) will need to also be adjusted accordingly as well.

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