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  1. Sorry for that scare everyone, just some minor file removals and configuration tweaks. We shouldn't experience that again. On that note, we're back up and running and it doesn't look like we lost anything. Please respond here if you see anything funky and I'll take care of it. Regards, Local Hermit Coder
  2. Congrats everyone! I really need to start playing again... kind of miss the clan st00fs.
  3. Can confirm, I'm not reintroducing the battle awards.
  4. Oh gotcha. Pretty sure the new awards system doesn't have this feature available. We'd probably best be suited to just make and update a thread that lists all the awards. I'll leave that for you to do @Ksb Single
  5. I'm not seeing where you're looking to have a list. We'll probably have to make our own thread about awards and just list it out there.
  6. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we again have awards on RHQ forums! I'm smoothing everything out so that we have all the previous awards we had on the forums. I believe we have a log of awards that were issued on the old forums, and I'll be working closely with the Community Crew and Forum Management to ensure that everyone receives the awards they had on the old forums (excluding the post count awards). I'm also going to work closely with these teams to create new awards that users can receive. As we get closer to have all the old awards added, as well as the newer awards we'
  7. As I'm working on the site, I'm keeping an open mind to what you beautiful members of the community would like to see. I know some of you, like myself, like to support RHQ in any means I possibly can. And in some cases, this can boil down to "premium" benefits - which are something the we would love to offer to those of you who would like to help us out in this manner. Because of the work I'm doing, I can integrate newer and more beautiful things that would make RHQ a little more fluent and have a couple perks while we're at it. However, I'm falling short on what we could possibly do as "
  8. Lots of code done in a short amount of time today. I think I've earned the ~SWEET~ reward of a Diet Dr Pepper.

    Gotta love producing dynamic code that can handle a multitude of things thrown at it!

  9. When I close my eyes... all I see is code. I've been poking at this stuff way too long xD

    1. Hitori


      We could make this a song...
      "All you need is code, all you need is code
      All you need is code, code, code is all you need~"

    2. Zandahar


      The most dangerous bug in the world:

      // Launch ICBMs
      if(ReadyToLaunch = 1)

      Uh... whoops!


  10. Correct, databases will be separate. Hopefully we can attract some more OS people to help out. I can do the edits relatively well being as a play OS fairly often, but I think I'm the only one on staff that does atm.
  11. Now that things are (relatively) working as they should be, what exactly is the dev team up to? Most of the front-end and critical data has been restored to an adequate level to allow our community to access the site as they have in the past. You may have noticed some things have gone missing - such as the login on the main page, comments and submissions on guides, persons, monsters, items and calculators - this was partially due to our new forums being introduced, and partially due to an upcoming massive update that's being worked on in the background (more on that below). Right now I'm worki
  12. Who wears short shorts?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Numerous One

      Numerous One

      My thunder thighs dont allow for short shorts 😛 And I would wear em anyways hehe

    3. Alfawarlord


      Hitori, there you got your answer. It's the canadians again

    4. DarkAdvisor




  13. I like it @St. Squiggy- I have a theme in mind where this could be used.
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