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  1. Congrats, I'm kinda jelly about this xD
  2. Finally got Ghostly at 52.2M exp!
  3. It's been too long since I posted here, need to try more. Anyway, achieved 120 invention and 50mil prayer exp today.
  4. After tinkering with the server so much today, the xps transferred to rs and gave me 120 invention. :3
  5. Welp, with some math errors: You only need 600 of each bar, and about 22.5 to 23 hours of work, I've finally smithed my trimmed armor from scratch: I do prefer wearing the crown with it though. There's been a few player suggestions on changing the helm, so hopefully one of the two or three will git picked to replace it.
  6. I'm completely reworking the calculators logic. It could be a while before we are able to have this available.
  7. The trimmed will probably stay relatively close to malevolent / torva armor since you have to break those items down to get the essence for them. But masterwork itself will probably crash. Just making the masterwork armor to say I did it lol
  8. I thought it would be fun to make trimmed masterwork armor from scratch (without buying any raw materials). Not huge in the PvM scene right now, so the only thing I'll actually be purchasing is the Malevolent and Prasulic essence required to make the trim for the armor. Without further ado, the checklist: Ores 720 x copper 720 x tin 1452 x iron ore 1452 x coal 720 x mithril 720 x adamant 1672 x luminite 1452 x rune 720 x orichalcite 720 x drakolith 720 x necrite 720 x phasmatite 1440 x banite 732 x light animica 732 x dark animica Bars 720 x bronze 720 x iron 732 x steel 720 x mithril 720 x adamant 720 x rune 720 x orikalkum 720 x necronium 720 x bane 732 x elder rune Misc 12 x praesulic essence 12 x malevolent essence Complete Resources 120 x masterwork rivets 12 x masterwork trim 1 x masterwork helm 1 x masterwork platebody 1 x masterwork platelegs 1 x masterwork gloves 1 x masterwork boots Trimmed Masterwork Armor Helmet Platebody Platelegs Gloves Boots
  9. Please use this thread to discuss, ask questions or request information|materials|etc. How do you feel about the update? Is there anything you think Jagex could have done better? Be respectful and don't make demands ~o.o~ If you find out of date content on our site and would like to help us update it we would love your help. To do so please provide as much information about the update as possible in the following forum threads: If it is related to the Mining or Smithing guides please post in the Skill submission area. If it is related to an Item (ore, bar, new item, etc), Person (NPC that has been updated in some way), or Monster (drop table changes) please post in the Person, Item, and Monster submission area If there is already a post dealing with that issue you may add to it otherwise please start a new post. We would love any help we can get.
  10. Sorry for that scare everyone, just some minor file removals and configuration tweaks. We shouldn't experience that again. On that note, we're back up and running and it doesn't look like we lost anything. Please respond here if you see anything funky and I'll take care of it. Regards, Local Hermit Coder
  11. Congrats everyone! I really need to start playing again... kind of miss the clan st00fs.
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