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  1. congratulation everybody!
  2. Hmm, i am guessing you forgot about the world(s) Selection. Although I am a bit confused about below. What do you mean by "Points"? (Quest Points or Total Levels) What world are you trying to select and join? Is the account NEW Free Account or OLD Members Account? (If you have forgotten how the Subscription works... Members are Players that paid for benefits in-game). If you are using the Official Old School Clients.. You need to select a free world (I assumed you're free to play, so i set an example for you). You need at least 500 Point. *Click the w
  3. Mudskipper - Hidey Hole - Rock Mudskipper Point - Hidey Hole - Mini Map Required to Build Hidey-Holes; 4 Planks or Protean Planks 10 Steel Nails or better.
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