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  1. Bit late to be acknowledging this, but W.O.O.T!! Didn't realise I got made a General this past January...
  2. Is this thread/question something to do with the new quest...?
  3. Thank you, @Katalex! *salutes*
  4. RE the following clue, Tinsay is only present on the island during Tai Bwo Wannai Trio; perhaps the instruction should be changed to "Dig in the southwest corner inside the ruins" was this is the permanent spot, regardless of the status of each individual player's progress...? "05 degrees 50 minutes South 10 degrees 05 minutes East (05.50 S, 10.05 E)"
  5. Why're you all calling @Zandahar "Panda" or "Pandaman"...? #baffled #confused
  6. Excellent point; @staff, I recommend adding this...
  7. Hey all! RE the following clue, I would submit that the closest clue is now the Rellekka Lodestone...? I realise this may seem like a pretty small thing, but... #shrugs 14 degrees 54 minutes North 09 degrees 13 minutes East (14.54 N, 09.13 E) 2 steps West of the swaying tree in the forest East of Rellekka. Closest teleport: Fairy Ring Teleport code A-J-R then run North-West
  8. RE the clue that talks about digging near the "eastern banner", this banner seems to be gone. If it still there, I couldn't see it. The clue should probably reference to dig southeast of the pictured cart, with the green and white cover.
  9. The Clue in Q. is to dig on a fern; unfortunately, the fern is now gone. Instead, dig 2 - 3 steps west of the oak tree southeast of the Musician, on the path to Rellekka.
  10. For the quoted Varrock clue, the given picture on the site is wrong. This is an image of the correct spot. I don't know why this is the case, I just know it is... How do I know...? I had to get shown the correct point, even with our TT Guide...
  11. Regarding the following quote, the tannery is in western Al-Kharid, not eastern. Just pointing this out in the hope it gets changed. "Ellis in the Tannery in Eastern Al Kharid."
  12. Hi all. I managed to get a screen capture of the location for this clue, as there is no picture given on the site. I'm attaching it below.
  13. On the Treasure Trails page, Jerico is spelled both "Jerrico", and "Jerico". Which is correct, and can the wrong ones please be changed...?
  14. Regarding the following clue " 18 degrees 03 minutes north25 degrees 16 minutes east" (18.03 N, 25.16 E) The description for this clue is wrong, by about 10 levels of the WIldy; the Ruins are NOT in Level 37-38, they are in Level 27-28. The description of being north of Graveyard of Shadows is correct, but I just wasted half an hour, and 20K from dying(paying Death) on this clue, because of the wrong description... updated thanks
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