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  1. I'm guessing your talking about editing the first post. I believe there is a certain post count required to be able to edit. Under your name you have the title "new member" I think when you become an "established member" you get the option to edit it. Saying that I did a quick edit to update your first post for you. Enjoy your quests and good luck!
  2. Eleventh Revenant pet Ork at 37612 kc Also got my augmented revenant bane 2h sword to level 20 so now my scavenging perk will go off more.
  3. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  4. Congrats, fix all the things!
  5. So I was using the RS3 mobile app to AFK the event dungeoneering hole thing and came back to my phone to find a new friend. Gordie came to visit me.
  6. Use this thread to talk about any of the new Land out of Time release. If you would like to help us with content to update our site with please post that info on this post Enjoy the update!!
  7. Please post any info you find about Land out of Time so we can get the content updated. Few things we need: More info on Pressure Plates: Info on: Scorpion Ballistae Info to make a strategy guide
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