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  1. On 2/17/2020 at 4:15 PM, Quick Art said:

    With DXP and our Competitions almost around the corner its time to make things more interesting! 

    If we can hit 500M total xp with everyone at the end of the Competition, i will do a random BOND Giveaway. 

    ( 1B total XP is ofcourse 2 Bonds 😉, not if that`s going to happen.)


    That 500m XP does not seem to be that far away... Still over 6 days to go and almost to 400m XP total for all in comp.  That 1B XP probably won't happen but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.

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  2. @ChathMurrpau I think the farming guild requests are the same for everyone each day.  There was a post on reddit that the medium request was for a livid plant. upon checking mine it was for a livid plant.

    So I'm guessing it is going to work similar to traveling merchant where there are rewards and costs for each tier that repeat every certain number of days. Then each tier will be a different number of items so it is not the same three on the same rotation each time. I believe the traveling merch is on a 100 day rotation but the third tier drops 1 item every 100 days  to make some weird 1300 days or so before it repeats itself. 


    Now all you have to do is break the code.

  3. Ok so here is the guide: CLICK BAIT!!!!! 

    Currently I have more challenges than Wiki has but I am not sure if we have all of the challenges yet... So if you could when in game spend a few seconds and check your challenges versus the ones I have in the guide and if you have one not listed just give a quick reply with it's name and reqs that would be great. 




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  4. With the update to the Daily Challenges we need help with updating our guide. If you would please post below a list of any and all daily Challenges you have. Please list them with exact wording from the game or a screenshot works.



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