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  1. Great achievement! Congrats and good luck with your other endeavours
  2. You have been a busy little bee, it seems. Keep up the good work and congratz on those massive gains!
  3. Congrats and good luck on the new log.
  4. Congratz! I prefer a 99 over anything, yet a nice achievement
  5. Thanks everyone. Definately going for 120 since my next goal is to get comp cape and try to learn some pvm. Got an alt floating around in the universe somewhere but cant be bothered to even touch it. So yeah, you guys will be stuck with me for a while within the cc
  6. Finally got the guts to chime in into the forums, but here it goes... On the 20th of february, after 10 jolly years on RS, I got max cape! With that goes 99 invention to reach it. So I can say, I am able to have a lovely night of sleep from now. Also got the skilling pet Rocky, but pets are overrated, hehe. *Raises a staff in greeting and vanishes in thin air* ~AsE