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[Locked]Hard Clue Competition

Mr Quick

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RuneHQ Community Crew decided to trow in another Treasure hunter Competition (Hard Clues) in the month: May!! So there is plenty of time to stock up on some sealed Clue Scrolls, get your spades cleaned and get your bank presets sorted out!! 

Practical Info:

  • Hard Clue Competition
  • Competition starts on Monday 17th May 2021 at 12:00 game time.
  • Competition ends on Monday 24th May 2021 at 12:00 game time.
  • Top 3 with most completed Hard Clues gets a gp reward. (10M/5M/2M)
  • Everyone competing gets a brand new forum badge!

Competition Rules:

  • One RSN per person
  • Keep it fun!
  • Everyone, including staff can win!
  • We need a screenshot of your hard clues completed at the start and at the end of the competition. Either a screenshot of a quick chat or screenshot of your TT stats will do. Comment these below.

Screenshot example:


unknown.png                     rhq tt comp screen.png

(right-click treasure trail information board and click on stats)




Quick Art







Pre Sign-up List

(Click image for Pre sign-Up List)

Don`t want to miss out any Competition? Sign Up here!

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21 minutes ago, senug said:

Hard clue competition.

Rules say that you need a screenshot of medium clues.... copy pasted from previous clue competition I take it? 😄


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