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Elite Dungeon 1 quick guide

With Faith

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Temple of Aminishi

Requirements: Impressing the Locals

Location: Aminishi

Group size: 1-3

Modes: Normal Mode / Story Mode

Recommended levels: 80+ combat stats, 95 prayer, 96 herblore

Recommended gear: T80+ power armor, T80+ weapons

Recommended style: Magic or Ranged

Helpful equipment: Shield swap, Enhanced Excalibur, vulnerability runes

Devotion highly recommended

Deaths: Unsafe

Familiars: Allowed


Inventory (adjust based on needs):

• Overload

• Prayer Renewal

• Super Restore flasks

• Enhanced Excalibur

• Sharks or better

• Saradomin Brews (optional)

• Adrenalin potions (optional)


Story Mode

• Enemies have 1/2 HP and deal 2/3 less damage

• No drops outside of lore pieces from the first and second boss

• Journal pages still accessible

• No kill count

• Dangerous deaths


Creating a group

• Use grouping system to create a group

• Set group to Temple of Aminishi

• Invite up to two others to group

• Once all members are ready you can teleport to the entrance


Master Quest Cape

  • Two lore drops
    • The Crassian Allegiance (Dropped by The Sactum Guardian)
    • Himiko's Vision (Dropped by Masuta the Ascended)
  • Acolytes Diary (22 pages)



Area One

  • Boss: none
  • Possible minibosses
    • Ahoeitu the Chef
    • Olivia the Chronicler
    • Oyu the Quietest
    • Sarkhan the Serpentspeaker
  • Enemies
    • Elite Sotapannas
      • Healer variant (wears ornate mask)
    • Elite Sakadagami
  • 7 diary pages


Area Two

  • Boss: The Sanctum Guardian
  • Possible minibosses
    • Arhat Paragon
  • Enemies
    • Elite Sotapannas
    • Elite Sakadagami
    • Anagamis
    • Arhats
  • 4 diary pages


Area Three

  • Boss: None
  • Possible minibosses
    • Jade the Unruly
    • Horrific Crassian
    • Menaphite Guard Captain
    • Ol' Sawtooth
  • Enemies
    • Sea Crocodiles
    • Waterfiends
    • Hanto Sellswords
    • Death Lotus rogues
    • Eastern Mercenaries
    • Renegade Menaphite Soldier
    • Cloaked Zealots
    • Crassian Warriors (summoned by Cloaked Zealots)
  • 8 diary pages


Area Four

  • Boss: Masuta the Ascended
  • Possible minibosses
    • Goku the Unrelenting
    • The Violet Lotus
    • Yukimura of Hanto
  • Enemies
    • Elite Sotapannas
    • Hanto Sellswords
    • Death Lotus rogues
    • Eastern Mercenaries
    • Renegade Menaphite Soldier
    • Cloaked Zealots
    • Crassian Warriors (summoned by Cloaked Zealots)
  • 3 diary pages


Area Five

  • Boss: Seiryu the Azure Serpent
  • Possible minibosses
    • None
  • Enemies
    • Defence Pylons


Loot chests

Temple of Aminishi has a very similar chest system to the Sophanem slayer dungeon. By default the chest will not pick up your drops, but can be toggled at any of the four chests at any time.


Loot will stay in the chest across multiple dungeons, and can store up to 32 unique items in the chest.


There is no fee if you die in order to claim loot from the chest.


If auto collect is not used drops have a chance to be doubled throughout the dungeons.


These chests act as teleport locations between each other once unlocked (see below).



  • Outside the temple entrance
    • Can't be used to teleport
  • Inside the temple entrance
    • First teleport location
    • Always available to teleport to
  • Round platform before the Sactum Guardian
    • Second teleport location
    • Unlocked after clearing the Elite Sakadagamis from either side leading into the boss area
  • Bottom of staircase leading to Masuta the Ascended
    • Third teleport location
    • Able to teleport to as soon as you reach chest
  • Round platform before Seiryu the Azure Serpent
    • Fourth teleport location
    • Able to teleport after clearing the defence pylons


Progressing through the Dungeon

The dungeon has multiple walkways that are blocked off by barriers. In order to progress past these barriers you must clear the enemies guarding them. Once a barrier has been cleared it will stay cleared for the remainder of the dungeon.


You are not required to kill minibosses or all enemies in an area to progress, just the ones guarding the main paths and doorways.


Party members can physically leave the dungeon in order to restock at any point in the dungeon. Once a boss fight is started you cannot reenter the arena if you die or leave unless everyone leaves or the boss is killed.


The dungeon may not be resumed if a party member leaves the group completely.


This dungeon is not easy if you are inexperienced with pvm. It is very easy to get killed if you are not paying full attention to enemies and bosses. You should have experience and be comfortable with bosses near Greg or Araxxi difficulty at a minimum.

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