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The Gladiatorz

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Posted on behalf of the clan QC to Offical thread 290-291-685-66125241

¸„¤°'ˆˆ'°¤„¸¸„¤°'ˆ THE GLADIATORZ ~ 17 YEARS STRONG ˆ'°¤„¸¸„¤°'ˆˆ'°¤„¸

"Greatness is forever"

Community - Inclusivity - Trust - Empowerment

Founded in February 2001, "Gladz" is the oldest active clan in RuneScape. We consider ourselves an expansive online community--one which transcends strictly in-game activities. We offer a variety of opportunities for members of the clan to interact and develop meaningful friendships. With our large community, relaxed attitude, and variety of events, we work to make our members' RuneScape experience more enjoyable.

Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February 15th, 2001 / Home World: 14
Current Leadership: Beric & AmusedDragon
Clan Type: Social/Community - PvM - Monthly Competitions

A clan overview

The following posts will help you understand what The Gladiatorz is all about:
I - Joining/Requirements
II - Clan Events
III - Ranks & Roles
IV - Reserved
V - Reserved



I - Joining/Requirements

Requirements to Join

Be a RuneScape member
Willing to show activity in-game and on our off-site forums
Join our discord server and be ranked.

Activity Requirements
Our activity requirement is as simple as gaining experience in game each month. We understand that members have busy lives and we never want being in the clan to feel like a chore.

Joining The Gladiatorz
To join our clan you'll need to register and fill out an application on our off-site forums.
It can be found by google searching "The Gladiatorz", we're the first result.
This should only take you a few minutes to complete, once it is done you can be invited to the clan.

Junior Trial Period
Upon joining the clan you will be paired up with two experienced and knowledgeable Mentors. These members will stick by you through your Junior member period with the goal of ensuring that you feel welcome in Gladz and are able to settle into our community. They'll be your first point of contact and are available to answer any questions you may have about the clan. Your Mentors will also assist you in successfully progressing past the Junior rank and into full Gladiator membership. Doing so requires that you show forum and game activity, as well as register an account on our Discord server.

II - Clan Events

The Gladiatorz love events, in fact we have a whole team dedicated to hosting events for the clan. These include PvM events, skilling events, weekly citadel events (capping isn't a clan requirement), Monthly competitions with prizes, and Discord events like Cards Against humanity and Karaoke.

A small preview of clan events

The following is what you can look forward to once you join Gladz.
- Clan Raids
- PvM Learning Events
- Skilling Events
- GWD1/2 Masses
- Nex/AOD Masses
- Dungeoneering
- Discord Events
- Competitions and Raffles
- Minigames
- Hide 'N Seek
- Pictionary
- Karaoke

A standard month of events


III - Ranks and Roles

Leaders - Deputy Owner
Leaders are responsible for overseeing the many ranks and teams in the clan, ensuring that things run smoothly.

Riders of Rohan - Overseer
Riders serve as the clan's council, and work alongside the Leaders to enforce rules and help guide the clan.

Elite Cavaliers - Coordinator
Elite is a rank for our standout members. Those who are the backbone of the clan, and add to the community in positive ways.

Team Members - Organizer
These are the people on our events, recruitment, and mentoring teams. Members on these teams host events for the clan, recruit new members, and help our applicants through the initial trial period. These roles are open to any member who has completed their Junior Gladiator period.

Loyalty Ranks - Admin through Corporal
Legendary Gladiator - 10 years in the clan.
Old School Gladiator - 5 years in the clan.
Veteran Gladiator - 1.5 years in the clan.
Loyal Gladiator - Six months in the clan.
Gladiator - One month in the clan.
Junior Gladiator - New members.


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