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  1. The Tough one most of you struggled with 7. Who discovered High-Alchemy was Zamorak
  2. quick art 10 pointas zandha 12 points hope 12 points nashor 10 jediez 12 had to pick out names from random due to some clever peeps out there 1.Hope 2. jediez 3. Zandahar
  3. Yes, i get this question asked a lot through the forums and in-game, so i have found this useful information that work out the maths behind each one Note: the increased stats drain wasn't taken into affect as it acts differently depending on who you're fighting. Note 2: all % in here are multiplicative. For example a 5% increase in accuracy would change a 55% hit chance to a 57.75% hit chance. Note 3: The following gear was in all the setups Tectonic, Amulet of Souls, Ring of Death, Virtus Boots, Celestial Handwraps and an Illuminated God Book. There was slight rounding here. At the bottom I'll show the formulas and an example but here is the data. T90 + Turmoil = 2267.1 damage, 4687.7 accuracy T90 + New Prayer = 2316.7 damage, 4775.6 accuracy T92 + Turmoil = 2298.8 damage, 4807.1 accuracy T92 + New Prayer = 2348.9 damage, 4894 accuracy Here's how the upgrades work Using t90, buying new prayer = 2.19% Damage and 1.87% accuracy = 4.06% increase Using t92, buying new prayer = 2.18% damage and 1.83% accuracy = 4.01% increase Upgrading t90 -> t92 = 1.40% damage and 2.55% accuracy = 3.94% increase Upgrading BOTH = 3.61% damage and 4.42% accuracy = 8.03% increase Based on this I would upgrade with the new prayers first before upgrading to t92, with the exception of a SOS for telos. Sample Damage T92 weapon, 128 stats (turmoil) and 190 style bonus Ability Damage = 3.75×128 + 14.4×92 + 1.5×190 = 2089.8 That then gets multiplied by 1.1 due to turmoil = 2298.78 Accuracy F(128)+ 2.5×F(92) = 2229.7 + 1030.9 × 2.5 = 4807.1 Credit's to RsHeemo
  4. Vindicta and Gorvek Introduction Vindicta and Gorvek are a boss Located in The Heart (God Wars Dungeon 2) Located South West of Nardah. Location Here To kill Vindicta And Gorvek You will Require 80 Attack and 40 kill count of the Zarosian enemies located in the Zaros section of the dungeon. Location Here Recommended Stats and Equipment These recommendations are just advisory but its recommended to have some of the required stats and Equipment To increase Kills Per Trip And Damage Per Second For this Guide purpose ill be using Range Setup Stats Defence : 80+ (preferably 90+, 80 is minimum) Attack 80 (Requirement to Enter) Range 85+ (preferably 90+ to access T90 Equipment) Herblore 96 ( Access to Overloads) Prayer 95+ (Curses) Constitution 80+ Equipment List of Items Head: Pernix Cowl Top: Pernix Body Bottom: Pernix Chaps Boot: Pernix Boots Gloves: Nightmare Gauntlets (Snipe Buff) Main Hand/Off-Hand: Ascension Crossbow/Off-Hand Ascension Crossbow Ring: Ring of Dwarfs (Ring of Death if Learning) Amulet: Amulet of Souls (Or) could use Reaper if need Accuracy Pocket: Any Illuminated Good book Cape: TokHaar-Kal-Xil (or Range Accomplishment Cape for Perk of 20% bolt activation buff) Ammunition Slot: Diamond Bakriminel bolts (e) (ruby swap in inventory) Aura Slot: Your preference if learning Advised Vamperism, Supreme Sharpshooter or Reckless Inventory and Beast of Burden Brew Could be Swapped out for Blue Blubber Jellyfish Shield swap (mandatory) Beast of Burden use best you can And fill with Food Fight Mechanics Phase 1 Start of Fight (Recommended to use Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e)) 2 Auto Attacks Hurricane Spin Will hit Within 2 Spaces ( Can be Resonanced) Rest of Fight (Recommended to use Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e)) 1 Auto Attack 1 Auto Attack 1 Auto Attack Fire Wall (Purple Flames That will Rapid Damage up to 1000 Per Tick) 3 Auto Attacks Hurricane Repeat Phase 2 Vindicta will now Mount Gorvek the dragon at 100,000 LP It is advised to now Switch To Diamond Bakriminel Bolts (e) His set attack pattern is as follows. Melee Attack Range Attack (100% hit chance) (Switch To Shield And Resonance For Huge Heals (3000LP Often If resonance is on Cooldown use Devotion or Debilitate Swapping prayer to range) Fly + Firewall (Vindicta will fly to one of the Corners of the Arena And create Firewall like Phase one) Repeat Due to note if Vindicta is a distance from you he will Skip the Melee Attack Notable Drops Dormant Anima Armour (Helmet, Platelegs, Platebody) 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Dragon Rider Lance 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Crest of Zaros 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Zarosian Essence Pet Drops Glimmering Scale - Rawrvek Pet Imbued blade slice - Vindiddy Pet (1/2000 Normal Mode or 1/1000 in challenge mode with a Threshold of 400 (reputation does not effect these) Any Questions feel Free To ask Any Issues like spelling or things you feel should be added just message me and ill add it when free Thanks for reading Souls Black
  5. until
    Running From 27th January to Friday 31st of January
  6. Waves yeah thought id keep it the same as Souls_Black is my usual name everywhere Twitch ect
  7. Its competition time! its not going to be easy but think you have the will power to destroy this Lore based Runescape Quiz Winner Will be Decided on 1/02/2020 and inbox here! Prize 1st : 1 bond 2nd: 5 million GP 3rd: 2 million GP Quiz Answer PM to me Directly! don't want people copying your answers now do we 1. How many Elder Gods are There? 1a Bonus points! name each of the Elder Gods, Bonus points for each one 2, True or False, Do the Dragonkin die of age? 3. Warrior's of what, Created the duel arena? 4. What age did Zaros arrive? 5. Who Stole and hid The Staff of Armadyl? 6. Guthix is the God of what? 7. What god Discovered High-Alchemy? 8. What god Fell in love with the Elves? Good luck Remember All Answer's to be posted to me if More then 1 person gets all points Winner will be randomly Drawn
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