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Maths with the new prayers and tier90 vs tier92


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Yes, i get this question asked a lot through the forums and in-game, so i have found this useful information that work out the maths behind each one

Note: the increased stats drain wasn't taken into affect as it acts differently depending on who you're fighting.

Note 2: all % in here are multiplicative. For example a 5% increase in accuracy would change a 55% hit chance to a 57.75% hit chance.

Note 3: The following gear was in all the setups Tectonic, Amulet of Souls, Ring of Death, Virtus Boots, Celestial Handwraps and an Illuminated God Book. There was slight rounding here.

At the bottom I'll show the formulas and an example but here is the data.

T90 + Turmoil = 2267.1 damage, 4687.7 accuracy

T90 + New Prayer = 2316.7 damage, 4775.6 accuracy

T92 + Turmoil = 2298.8 damage, 4807.1 accuracy

T92 + New Prayer = 2348.9 damage, 4894 accuracy

Here's how the upgrades work

Using t90, buying new prayer = 2.19% Damage and 1.87% accuracy = 4.06% increase

Using t92, buying new prayer = 2.18% damage and 1.83% accuracy = 4.01% increase

Upgrading t90 -> t92 = 1.40% damage and 2.55% accuracy = 3.94% increase

Upgrading BOTH = 3.61% damage and 4.42% accuracy = 8.03% increase

Based on this I would upgrade with the new prayers first before upgrading to t92, with the exception of a SOS for telos.



T92 weapon, 128 stats (turmoil) and 190 style bonus

Ability Damage = 3.75×128 + 14.4×92 + 1.5×190 = 2089.8

That then gets multiplied by 1.1 due to turmoil = 2298.78


F(128)+ 2.5×F(92) = 2229.7 + 1030.9 × 2.5 = 4807.1

Credit's to RsHeemo

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