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Runescape Terms, Glossary, and Vocabulary

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Use this thread to post and Runescape terms, abbreviations etc. Original post will be updated with a full list as they are posted!
Posting in alphabetical order would be most helpful and appreciated!

For example:
Abby whip = Abyssal whip
Dds = Dragon Dagger p++

Ab2 = Abandoned 2 (Dungeoneering)
Abby demons = Abyssal Demons
Abby specs = Aberrant Spectre
Abby whip = Abyssal Whip
Abs = Armadyl battlestaff
Addy = Adamant
Afk = Away from keyboard
Afs = Anti-fire Shield
Agi = Agility
Ags = Armadyl Godsword
Alch = Alchemy (Low-Level or High-Level)
Ancients = Ancient spellbook
Ardy = Ardougne
Arma = Armadyl
Asap = As soon as possible
Atk/att = Attack (Level)
Ava = Clan Avatar
Axe = Hatchet

Ba/Barb Ass = Barbarian Assult
Bandos = Often used to refer to General Graador's PvM area.
Baxe = Battleaxe
Bb = Big Bones
Bcp = Bandos Chestplate
Bgs = Bandos Godsword
Bh = Bounty Hunter
Bn = Blood Necklace
Bob = Beast of Burden
bod = Braches of Darkmeyer
Bots = RoBOTS
Brassy = Veracs Brassard
Brb = Be right back
Brew = Saradomin Brew
broad(s) = broad tipped bolts
Bs-ing = backstabbing (in context of wilderness warbands)
BTS = Behind the Scenes
Bxpw = Bonus Experience Weekend

Cc = Clan Chat
Cc = Clan Cloak/Cape
Ccb = Chaotic Crossbow
Chain = Chainbody
Cit = Clan Citadel
Cls = Chaotic Longsword
Cmb = Combat (Level)
Comp cape = Completionist Cape or Complexity Level (Dungeoneering)
Cons = Construction (Level)
Cos = Crown of Seasons
Corp = Corporeal Beast
Cr = Chaotic Rapier
CW = Castle Wars
CW = Clan Wars

D/drag = Dragon (ex: d square, d scim, d chain)
Dc = Disconnect
Dd = Death Dot (Pvp term)
Dds = Dragon Dagger p++
Deep / Deep Wild = 20+ Wilderness (cannot teleport past this point)
Def = Defense (Level)
Denk = Dead End with no key (Dungeoneering)
Dewk = Dead end with key (Dungeoneering)
Dfh = Dragon Full Helmet
Dfs = Dragonfire Shield
Dfm = Demon Flash Mob
Dgt = Drag Gatestone (Dungeoneering)
Dgn = Dragon Granite Noob
Dh - Dharoks. (Pking related)
Dhide = Dragonhide
Divine = Divine Spirit Shield
DKS = Dagganoth Kings
Drags = Dragons
Dt = Desert Treasure (Quest)
Dung/Dg/Dunge/Dun/Dneering = Dungeoneering
DWF = Dark Warriorw Fortress
D&D = Distractions and Diversions

EC = Elf City
Edge = Edgeville
Elite = Elite Black Armor or Elite Treasure Trial (Clue Scroll)
Elm = east of Lava Maze
Ely = Elysian Spirit Shield
EoC = Evolution of Combat
Ess = Rune Essence or Pure Essence
Exp/xp = Experience
Ext = Extreme Potion (Strength, Attack, Defense, Magic, Ranged)

F## = Floor ## (Used in Dungeoneering, ex: F18 = Floor 18)
Fally = Falador
Fall in = Follow this person
Fc = Friend's Chat
Ffa = Free For All
Flat = Having 99 Strength, Defence, Attack and Constitution
Fletch = Fletching (Level)
Fm = Firemaking (Level)
Fmod - Forum Moderator
FoG = Fist of Guthix
FotG = Fate of the Gods
frem = Fremennik (city, quest ...)
Ftp# = Fairy Tale Part #
Fury = Amulet of Fury
F2p = Free-to-play, Non-member

G2H = Gravite 2h
Gano = Ganodermic armor
Gd = Guardian Door (Dungeoneering)
Gdm = Guardian door marked (Dungeoneering)
GE = Grand Exchange
Greaters = Greater Demons
Gf = Good Fight
GG = Gielinor Games
Ggs = Group Gatestone
Gh = Got herb (used by players to make their Dungeoneering party aware they are now in possession of a certain herb should they need a potion).
Gilded/G-alt = Gilded Altar
Gj = Good Job
Glory = Amulet of Glory
Gmaul = Granite Maul
Gn = Good Night
Gp - gold / coin piece
Greens = Green Dragons
Gs = Gatestone or Godsword
Gtgd = Group teleport to Guardian door/Gatestone teleport to Guardian door (Dungeoneering)
Gtb = Group gatestone teleport to boss (Dungeoneering)
Guth = Guthix
Guth = Guthans
Gwd = God war dungeon
Gz/Gratz = Congratulations

H## = Hosting Floor ## (Dungeoneering)
Herb = Herblore (Level)
Hftd = Horror from the Deep
Hgt = Hold Gatestone (Dungeoneering)
HP = Constitution/Health Points (Level)
Ht = Home Teleport

Inb4 = In before
Inv = Inventory or Invite
Irl = In real life
Irons = Iron Dragons
Imo = in my opinion

JK = Just Kidding
Jmod = Jagex Moderator

KBD = King Black Dragon
KK = Kalphite King.
Kite = Kiteshield
KQ = Kalphite Queen

Lby = Lobby
Lessers = Lesser Demons
Lo = Log out
Lob/lobs/lobbies = Lobster
Long = Longsword or Longbow (usage: d long = Dragon Longsword, mage long = Magic Longbow)
LRC = Living Rock Caverns
Lunars = Lunars spellbook
Lumb/Lumby = Lumbridge
Lvl = Level
LMods = Local Moderators

Mage = Magic (Level)
Maxed = Max hit / Max stats
Med = Medium Helm
MEP1 = Mourning's Ends Part I
MEP2 = Mourning's Ends Part II
Mgt = Move Gatestone (Dungeoneering)
Mgtb = Move gatestone to boss (Dungeoneering)
Mil = Million (Money)
Miths = Mithril Dragons
Mod = Moderator
Monk = Monkfish

Neck = Necklace
Nez/neitz = Neitiznot
Nfg = No free gate (meaning you already have a personal gatestone placed elsewhere in Dungeoneering).
Nfs = Not for Sale
Ngdm = Next guardian door marked (Dungeoneering)
Np = No problem
Nty = No thank you

Obby = Obsidian Armor
Occ = Occult (Dungeoneering)
Omg = Oh my god
Omw = On my way
Op = Overpowered
Orna | Orna-Kit = Ornamental Kit (IE Dragon Platebody Orna/ Amulet of Fury Orna Kit )
Orts = Anagorgic Orts
OSRS | 07Scape | Old School RS --- 2007-based RuneScape gameplay
Ovl = Overload Potion(s)

P2p = Pay-to-play, Member
Pc = Pest Control
Pc = Price Check
PE = Plague's End
Peng = Penguin(s)
Phat = Party Hat
Pick = Pickaxe
Pile (player name) = Attack this person!
PJ(ing) = Pile Jumping
Pk(ing) = Player Killing
Pker = Player Killer
Plate = Platebody
Pm = Private Message
Pmod = Player Moderator
Poh = Player-owned House
Poly = Polypore Staff
Pot = Potion
Pop/Port = Player Owned Port
Pray = Prayer (Level)
Prom = Promethium (Dungeoneering)
Pvb = Player versus Boss
Pve = Player versus Everything
Pvm = Player versus Monster
Pvp = Player versus Player

Qbd = Queen Black Dragon (A confirmed boss update)
Qc = Quick-Chat
QH = Quick Hop
Qp = Quest Points
Qpc = Quest points cape


random(ed) = random event (won't talk for the next 10-120 sec)
R2H = Rune 2-handed (Weapon)
Rago - Vorago
Raxxor = Araxxor
Rc = Runecrafting (Level)
Rev = Revenants
Rfd = Recipe for Disaster (Quest)
Rhq = RuneHQ
Rng = Range (Level)
Rofl = Role on floor laughing
Rotm = Ritual of the Mahjarrat
RotS = Barrows: Rise of the Six
Row = Ring of Wealth
royal = royal d'hide
Rs = Runescape
Rsn/ign = Runescape Name (Character\'s Name)

Sara = Saradomin
SC = Stealing Creation
Scim = Scimitar
Sgs = Saradomin Godsword
Short = Sword or Shortbow
SoF = Squeal of Fortune
Sol = Staff of Light
Sol's/SGS = Soloman's General Store
Sq./Square = Square Shield
Ss = Saradomin Sword or Soul Split or Spirit Shield
Ssh = Shadow Silk Hood (Dungeoneering)
Steels = Steel Dragons
Str = Strength (Level)
Summ = Summoning (Level)
SW = Soul Wars
Swordie = Swordfish
Smh = Shaking my head

T## = Tier Number (may refer to Dungeoneering or Clan Citadel)
Tally = Talisman
Tav = Taverly
TB = Teleblock
TB = Toolbelt
TD = Tormented Demon
Tele = Teleport
Tk = Toolkit (Dungeoneering)
ToG = Tears of Guthix
Torso = Fighter Torso
Tort = War tortise
TT = Temple Trekking
TT = Treasure Trails
Ttyl = Talk to you later
Turm =Turmoil
TWW = The World Wakes
Ty = Thank you
Tyvm = Thank you very much
Thx = Thanks

Ult/Ulti = Ultimate Ability

Veng = Vengance
Vex = Vexillum/Clan Vexillum

Warp = Warped themed Dungeoneering floor.
Wb = Welcome Back
Wbs = Wilderness Warbands
Wc = Wrong Chat or Woodcutting (Level)
wfs = waterfiends
WGS = While Guthix Sleeps (Quest)
Wildy = Wilderness
Wiz = Wizard
Wug = What you got? (Bank sales)

Xbow = Crossbow
XP = Experience

Yw = You're welcome

Zammy = Zamorak
Zerker = Berserker (Berserker Helmet, Berserker Ring, Berserker Necklace)
Zgs = Zamorak Godsword

2h = Two-Handed Sword
3a = Third-age
#d pot = number of doses

Contributions made by: Benno, Senex Seni, Shakers 20, Varunky, Nightfirecat, Spartan, Greg, Double D Edd, Avaricious, Yamon, Miss Sarah, Chahal, Fjordy, Me_Wantz_99, Zaros Ultar, Kartman 007, Homura, Fuller, Doctor Berry, Valik1234, Guthix, Firehazard772, Ralkal, Sliver, Hope 1789, Kilvehk, auntmidge, Bob McDerp, Madame Kate, LiviaOcella, TreeHugger

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