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Anything about Bots goes here!

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Please post anything about the recent large amount of macroers here! This includes what your tactics are to get rid of them, any ways we could possibly stop them, and all macro discussion. Please do NOT make a new topic about it or it will be merged with this one!


Bots are a player's number one enemy - they come in many forms and perform various functions depending on what the account owner needs the account to do.
Most of the time, they are not Runescape Players, they are usually Gold Sellers who run illegal businesses that profit from the game, and their profit heavily impacts our in-game economy. Some of the impacts include;

  • Distribution of in-game resources such as wood, ore and food.
  • Inflation of the Runescape currency, gold.
  • Innaccessiblity to training methods such as skilling resources and monsters.

They can be separated into the following categories;

Website Advertisers
Website Advertisers are pretty self-explanatory, they stand in areas of high player population and spam their websites in the hopes that players would be lured into buying gold from them with real money. If you come across one of these, then feel free to report them under "Website Advertisement". If you also happen to know any Player_moderator_crown.pngPlayer Moderators then they will be more than happy to apply a mute to them.
Purchasing gold from websites is Real World Trading with third parties, and this is a bannable offensive - If you see someone telling you that you can buy gold for real money, do not do it!

Resource Gatherers
There are accounts who are created for the sole purpose of gathering resources and selling them for gold, so that the gold may be sold for real world currencies. Typically, bots are seen engaged in combat and usually wear a default outfit something a long the lines of;

The above items are really cheap today, and are commonly used amongst other items. PLEASE NOTE that if someone is wearing those items, do not assume that they are a bot, they might actually be a legitimate player. Always consider the circumstances, and try engaging with them first before you dismiss them as a bot. 
Some commonly killed monsters include Dragons and Grotworms as they have a consistent drop table which gives a steady income.
If you suspect a player of being a bot - please report them under "Macroing".

Players who bot

This is a rare occurrence, and are usually players who use bots to achieve their goals quicker. They're quite hard to spot because they blend in with the rest of the player base. However if you notice someone acting odd then by all means reporting them under "Macroing" won't hurt. 


If you have any experience with tackling botters, then feel free to report your methods and/or experiences below.



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