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I like the union apprenticeships better than food service


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everyone who i currently work with at the grocery store contractor knows that I'm legitimate about facilities maintenance. i feel that i like the labor/union apprenticeships/trades better than food service. its not my "desired occupation", but it pays the bills and I seem to be a better fit for labor as opposed to food service. ever since the 1980s and 1990s when the government started pushing people into college/uni there's been a shortage of skilled apprentices. I like labor/apprenticeships better than food service by far. It's more consistent than food service and im doing a lot more than in food service. the trades and labor get $30 an hour with lots of overtime. In food service I think that chefs top lower than in home improvement. plus the skilled labor/apprenticeships are a lot easier to access for men. I get to provide all this customer service to other 1099 contractors and the maintenance mechanics. I also get to work and get preferred consideration for the grocery store. the trades im interested in are bricklayer/masonry work, welding, and facilities maintenance. I want to avoid driving because of automation obviously. I seem to be an a lot better fit for light labor/janitor/sanitation as opposed to food service. Im quitting the food service profession permanently. i like the apprenticeships better than food service.

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I can't speak on behalf of apprenticeships or certifications, but I have worked as a laborer for about 10 years and it's the best thing I ever did!
I may be young, but I have worked excavation and landscaping for 7 years, grain and hay sales/logistics for 3 years, and recently started residential house painting. I've done everything from digging a trench by hand to operating 10 ton excavators ripping up hillsides to build eco-block walls, all without certifications. I've always worked for private businesses and they have always been happy to teach me how to better myself in the work I do. I feel good at the end of the day (obviously sore, but pride is high) and can look at a completed job and go, "I built that" with a smile on my face.
I encourage and applaud your decision to move into the trades area! Good luck on your endeavors and I hope you thrive!

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