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Riddle time - What am I?


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Hi RuneHQ

The Community Crew has decided to do something new. A riddle. Not the type where you’d have to guess something from the descriptions, but the type where the clues are in the riddles themselves. Are you good at cracking clues? I have 3 of these types of riddles for you. See if you can get them all. Here are the riddles:

My first is in house and also in hotel

My second is in watch but not in clock

My third is in time and also in lime

My fourth is in marigold but not in daffodil

My fifth is in homework but not in school

My sixth is in area and also in prayer

My whole is a tool you use in construction


My first is in chicken but not in fish

My second is in rabbit and also in rubber

My third is in apple and also in banana

My fourth is in monkey but not in gorilla

My fifth is in sunshine but not in rain

My sixth is in blue and also in black

My seventh is in lure but not in hurt

My eighth is in triangle but not in square

My whole is a useful worn item when you want to speak to an animal or teleport somewhere


My first is in palace but not in castle

My second is in pluto but not in venus

My third is in television and also in telephone

My fourth is in police and also in officer

My fifth is in orange but not in pear

My sixth is in question and also in answer

My whole is a useful drink for advantages.

Please PM all answers to me. Do not post them here.
Each paragraph of the riddle is a clue on what letters are in each line. For example first is in house and also in hotel means the first letter is in both words so you’ll need to eliminate letters that are NOT in both words. That will get you close to the answers. The whole part is a clue on what you need to look for.
This is a weekly competition which runs from today (23 Sept) to 30 Sept at 12am UK.
There will be one winner who will win 3m
Getting all 3 right will enter you into a prize draw where the winner will be chosen from a random number generator.
Good luck 🙂
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Since there have only been two entries with all correct answers, I will be splitting the 3m reward in between two people so each of the winners will get 1.5m

The answers were:




And the winners are Pixelatic and Zandahar. Congratulations.

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