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As I'm working on the site, I'm keeping an open mind to what you beautiful members of the community would like to see. I know some of you, like myself, like to support RHQ in any means I possibly can. And in some cases, this can boil down to "premium" benefits - which are something the we would love to offer to those of you who would like to help us out in this manner.

Because of the work I'm doing, I can integrate newer and more beautiful things that would make RHQ a little more fluent and have a couple perks while we're at it. However, I'm falling short on what we could possibly do as "premium benefits" that wouldn't make not being an Advanced Member being required to enjoy the site.

My thoughts so far are falling to two options right now:

Having one level of Advanced Membership that has all the benefits tied into it


Having two levels of Advanced Membership that would offer a bit more to the higher Level

Site Supporters

  • Removal of ads on side of site
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly experience gains tracking -or- Site will auto-hide completed (mini)quests [toggle setting]
  • Custom color on forums & site

Advanced Members (Slightly higher cost than Supporter)

  • Removal of all ads on site
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly experience gains tracking
  • Site will auto-hide completed (mini)quests [toggle setting]
  • Custom color on forums & site
  • Custom icon on forums & site


What we here would like to know is:

Which do you prefer - single tiered system or two tiered system?
Do you like the benefits outlined above?
If there is a benefit not listed that you would like to see - what is it and how would it work (if it needs to be explained)?
We would like to offer our Premium Benefits at:

  • Monthly Renewal
  • 3 Month Renewal
  • 6 Month Renewal
  • Yearly Renewal

What do you feel would be an appropriate donation to give for the benefits outlined / suggested on these levels (feel free to pick one or more of the rates, don't feel like you need to outline the price of all the suggested above)

We appreciate everyone's involvement and interaction in our community and do not in any way, shape or form want anyone - be it new, current or returning members - to feel as though you have to pay for anything on our site. We have always been, and will continue to always be a dedicated free to use site for all things RuneScape. These package(s) are just a special way of use saying THANK YOU for anyone that would like to help cover the hosting costs of RuneHQ.

Please feel free to answer the above questions or have open discussion about the topic outlined above in comments to this thread. If you would like to discuss or answer the questions in a non-public format, please feel free to PM me, @MrsStormy or @DRAVAN and we will discuss it one-on-one with you and share your ideas for discussion anonymously.

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I think that single-tiered is better. I know in the past, staff (mainly management) struggled to come up with benefits for AM that could work and be used by all. If you split it up, you'll risk that same event happening.

Just my opinion.

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Id prefer the single tier. The intervals in which you can pay is nice. $20/yr seems good to me. I don't see a need for any changes to what it is now.

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