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  1. Getting Brains was a smart move! Grats!
  2. A job well done! Time for a trip to the pub
  3. Great! leave it to me to find the knock-off brand
  4. What you get for pussyfooting around... Grats though!
  5. Grats!!!!! woah... Did you show your accomplishment(s) to Rednar when he was on earlier?
  6. Congrats to all those who ranked-up!
  7. It was really cool seeing all those 120 announcements pop up! Great job! Just sorry for the reason behind it. *hugs*
  8. Old School Runescape name: ZandaharGang you are in: Phoenix GangQuest: Shield of ArravBest way to contact you: In-game, World 340Playtime/Timezone: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST
  9. Grats! May he be followed by many, many more
  10. I was cooking a bunch of fish for the Yak Track when someone appeared, and it wasn't Gordon
  11. I was working on the Yak Track, fishing at the DSF when I wanted a drink of Champagne. So I got some Bubbles...
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