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  1. Oh, what a burn! So, you get a pet then discard it so you can get it again. Are you channeling your inner Rednar?
  2. I had an Attack daily called Rampage Mk XIV (kill 57 lvl 130 or better monsters) Well, one good source of them is HM Dg floor. So I went and got a card and did one floor. After killing the Warped Gulega, the following happened! Howe I got Gordie is a good question...
  3. Maximum Grats 3ter1! Welcome to the Guild.... Go have a sit on the throne there
  4. Zandahar


    Siryu's Claw? That's not required for Salty Title...
  5. Zandahar

    200m #5 DG

    Wooot! Welcome to the club
  6. Zandahar


    Adds some pepper to the salty Lou Grats!!!
  7. Good thing Cara's an RN. She can take care of her burns cause she's on fire!
  8. Zandahar

    120 Ranged

    Grats on the 120!
  9. Good for you Lou!!! I dread facing The Ambassador