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  1. I was getting rid of some Fungal Spores at Croesus, when the following happened. Now, I have finish the hunt and find Ace...
  2. I was reaping the Queen Black Dragon, when she dropped a Dragon Kiteshield and all the lights went out! Maybe I should see a Doctor. Who should I go to I wonder?
  3. I was slaying some Kal'gerion demons in my POD when one of them dropped something on the floor...
  4. Dart was quite a drop Mori! Grats!
  5. When I was leaving the Phoenix lair after another fight, I got lost and wound up back in the egg lair. I kicked one of those things and this critter appeared. Now I have a little band of brothers!
  6. Mori aka the KillerSkiller Grats!
  7. Now you a mighty duck! Grats!
  8. You crafty duck! Grats!
  9. Don't know. I don't want to know either. I'm just glad that it's over
  10. He's no Love Bug, but I'm very glad to see him!
  11. Grats you xp thief What's the next 120?
  12. I was reaping some souls from Rathis when she laid an egg... I touched the egg and this little fella appeared.
  13. Congrats! I wonder where you got all the feathers for those arrows? Oo
  14. After many, many times killing Croesus, the following happened!
  15. I was at the Croesus event and this happened. When I clicked on it, this little critter appeared.
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