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  1. Shocking! Grats on the new stalker!
  2. I was slogging in Glacor Cavern when I found some boots... Now I have boots for my feats!
  3. Keep building that 200M list! Grats Ducky
  4. I was slaying Adamant dragons beneath the Brimhaven dungeon, when one of them dropped something...
  5. Congrats on the huge achievement(s)!
  6. Congrats on a job well done Robbie!
  7. After a very long journey, my ranged travels have ended.
  8. After a very long battle with Camel Warriors, the following happened!
  9. Grats! The race is on for 200M all.
  10. I was visiting some Shattered Worlds, when I was was ambushed. Well, I said, "I will attack, and you don't want that!" I have The Power
  11. Congrats on the new stalker
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