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  1. Well, it's about damned time!!! Grats!!!!
  2. Wow! all that xp! Great job!
  3. There's always one twin who has to come first. I was reaping souls in the Heart of Gielinor when one of the twins, Nymora, showed up and offered me a braid of hair. Upon touching it, it tuned into Nylessa...
  4. Twins! You must be a happy father! Grats!!!
  5. Congrats to the Nugget of the Sea!
  6. The RNG is strong with this one...
  7. Congrats Sassy! You deserve a long rest, then it's back on the trail to 200M
  8. Wooot! Now you can teleport to all the Slayer Masters :-) Good Job!
  9. Congrats to all who got promoted!
  10. It seems that my journey to be the best slayer I can be is at an end.
  11. Getting Brains was a smart move! Grats!
  12. A job well done! Time for a trip to the pub
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