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  1. Congrats to all those who ranked-up
  2. I was doing my woodcutting daily when the following happened!
  3. This actually happened right before I logged out on Thursday night.
  4. Mega grats Mori! Now you can take a breather before your next 200M
  5. I was fletching some tempered fungal shafts, when feather than I've ever gone before...
  6. Grats Old McRobbiet
  7. Just a whittle more to go! Grats Mori!
  8. Congrats on 120 Sleeping... I mean Slayer!
  9. I was killing some Gemstone Drags under Shilo Village when I found a hat!
  10. What's a Vinny? Isn't that your cousin?
  11. I was helping out at the citadel when the following happened. Where's my Bernie?
  12. Congrats on your new stalker!
  13. Grats! only 0.1b XP to go! Until Necromancy at least
  14. The duck was a beaver? Grats Quack
  15. Congratulations to all who ranked up!
  16. Stealing the limelight? Grats Mori!
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