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  1. Congrats to all the new ranks!
  2. Congratulations Amy!! Well deserved!
  3. Wow Congrats on 1B Sassy!!!
  4. Oh, how does your garden grow??? to lvl 120! Congrats Zand!
  5. Nice! Good luck with the frags!
  6. Hope


    Better late than never. Grats!
  7. That's a nice "Welcome Back"!
  8. Hope

    120 Mining

  9. Hope

    First 99 <3

    Congrats! After the first the others seem somehow easier. Enjoy your skill cape while you figure out what's next.
  10. Congrats to all those who earned a new rank!!
  11. Grats Telle!
  12. Congrats Sirius! 200m, I would bust first!
  13. Congratulations Scott!
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