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  1. Congratulations Moridin!!! I am sorry I haven't been on much and I wasn't able to celebrate with you but I am so happy for you!!
  2. Since you have IT skills have you thought about your local school board? They need computer techs in my region all of the time because so much instruction in the classroom depends on technology. It would be local, probably within your county and while you would need transportation to various schools it would be much easier to arrange that while looking for a car of your own. The hours would be consistent and it would be pretty local for anyone to help you out. In the mean time you could be drawing a pay check while establishing a line of credit to buy a car. Just a thought.
  3. Farming: Check the health of a farming patch, or gather produce from an allotment, a herb patch, hop patch, or a farm animal: 1 Dungeoneering: Complete either an elite dungeon, a perfect shifting tomb, or a Daemonheim floor on maximum complexity: 1 Herb: (same as above) Slayer: (same as above)
  4. Pretty much what I am doing Moridin. I'm also using the 3rd age outfit with modified tiara. 3 d-bones per day whoot! It's nice to know I am doing it right. Thanks!
  5. Congrats Moridin!!! Question: what did you do for Prayer. I'm looking into training methods. Any suggestions you have would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. Prayer: Offer bones or ashes to the gods: 25
  7. New month, New Year, New Ranks!! Congrats everyone!!!!
  8. Congratulations on your first 120!!
  9. Oh my, so sorry I missed this until now... Congrats!!!!
  10. Look at all gainz!! congrats to everyone who earned a new rank!
  11. Hope

    More Herbs

    Congratulations!! One 120 down now onward to the next one!
  12. Congrats on all that hard work and waiting on what you need. You will get it!!
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