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  1. Hats off to you Mr Jones for your accomplishment!!!
  2. I told them to behave and be a good pair for you, so glad they listened. Congratulations!!!
  3. Average 1 pet per week, nice month for you 3ter!!
  4. Hope

    Ranch done!

    I missed a lot while I have been semi inactive, Congrats Telle!!!
  5. Hope


    WOWZA!!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Depends on how you want to train it. I fix all my collections as soon as I have them so I can turn in complete sets so I don't have a lot of material on hand. But some collect all the materials and then do do multiple collections at a time and turn them all in at once.
  7. Hope

    25k+ runescore

    Congrats Telle!!!
  8. Congrats!! So glad you didn't let things stop you and you got back into the game after losing so much.
  9. Hope

    99 Divination!

    Grats Scott!!!
  10. Congratulations 3ter!!!
  11. Congratulations to all the new ranks!!
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