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  1. 119 hunter The Elite title obtained (all elite dungeon achievements completed)
  2. Telle

    Shadow Reef

    eventually.. kinda focusing on 120s and trim for now
  3. BLASPHEMY Hellhounds are a great source for hard clues, used to go there myself when i wanted to get a clue!
  4. Took me a while but i've finally completed every elite dungeon achievement.
  5. Telle


  6. Took me a bit but i've cleared all ed3 achievements (thanks @Loucetios)
  7. Telle


    I finally hit that sweet 4000 overall rank.
  8. Speaking of trim; i knocked off 1 requirement! I'm also halfway to 5.4B total xp!
  9. #sciencesideoftwitter please explain this.
  10. In a far off world called Mazcab, home of the goebies, the airut have begun to attack the goebies villages and homes. As the airut continue to attack the goebies they have requested help from humans to help fend off the airuts. The biggest and baddest airut of them all called Beastmaster Durzag is one airut that the goebies can't defeat. This week we will be taking on the beastmaster and his pets in an attempt to help liberate the goebies of Mazcab from these invasive airuts. If the attempt is successful there are many rewards to be gained including tier 90 tank armour, items which have the ability to unlock new combat abilities, and currency that can be used to buy goods from the goebies. Hope to see you there! Event Details Date: Friday, April 19th Time: Here FC: Telle World: 60 Location: Mazcab Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  11. A few months Jagex updated some of the features in clan citadels! Our events team has been trying to find a way to use this for an event! We came up with Social Capping; Capping with a bunch of clannies to make it more fun! So join us this Thursday as we gather resources and help the clan reach it's weekly upkeep! Event Details Date: Thursday, April 18th Time: Here FC: Telle World: Clan Citadel Location: Clan Citadel Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  12. Ya'll forgot to mention Azeleon joining Events Team as well!