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  1. ihateyousomuchrightnow Grats Panda!
  2. bunch of achievements done. 160m farming. 112 agility 170m arch yaka pet unlocked. greater fury ability codex drop in duo ed2 w/ @moridin_1
  3. please you missed me and pretty much begged me to return
  4. I'm the new Events Team? boy that sounds like a lot of work
  5. Irl friend told me to come to a full raid w/ him.
  6. Ranch done and with that all trim reqs
  7. long term goal achieved:
  8. I understand the concept of having a dxpw every 3 months. Great way to rack in some extra cash from returning players. However I am against it, as you said it cheapens level achievements, it takes away the challenge and sense of accomplishment when reaching a 99/120/200m.
  9. It took me a while but i finally passed 25000 runescore
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