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  1. Well i am slowly working on the reqs.. so yes eventually.
  2. Barbarian Assault Trim Req completed.
  3. Technically Hatchets and Pickaxes aren't weapons but Tools.. Hence why they don't have to be removed from your TOOLbelt.
  4. I'll miss you Minou.. 

    You were my best friend for 14 years and even though I haven't been around much I know you didn't mind, you were always happy to see me.

    Rest Well 😢


    1. moridin_1


      Sorry to hear Telle...RIp 😞

    2. Zandahar


      Sorry for your loss 😞


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      So sorry for your loss  😞

  5. Event Details Date: Saturday, March 9th Time: Here FC: RHQ Events World: 67 Location: Bandos' Stronghold - God Wars Dungeon
  6. In a cold stronghold where the last of the followers of Bandos resign behind a strong gate. Only the most brave, fearless and strong adventurers will have the courage to enter this huge stronghold of Bandos. They will be risking their lives in one of the most dangerous places in all of Gelinor. Those who enter and kill the last remaining general of Bandos, general Graardor may find pieces of the sacred Bandos Godsword or tassests and a chest plate of Bandos that provide strength bonuses to warriors. Are you brave enough to enter Bandos' Stronghold and claim the great riches if you are to survive? For more information about this boss, see here. Event Details Date: Saturday, March 9th Time: Here FC: RHQ Events World: 67 Location: Bandos' Stronghold - God Wars Dungeon Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  7. i went in and had no clue of the mechanics.. i turned out fine.
  8. Update; 120 ranged, 78m hunter, recomped, reobtained mqc.
  9. honestly dude.. hmu when you want to go..
  10. THE AMBASSADOR A lot to cover here.. Seeing how a lot of things can kill you and cost your team the kill. Basic Attacks: The Ambassador mainly uses Ranged attacks with an occasional high hit magic attack. Ranged attack: Magic Attack: Special Attacks and how to avoid getting killed. Fire Patch The first attack we encounter is a fire patch (just like the first boss in ED1); Run close to The Ambassador, wait for the timer to run out, the attack to drop, and then run out. This attack, unlike it's ed1 counter part, spreads out (meaning you could enlarge it), do wait a few seconds for it to actually drop. Unstable Black Hole: This one is quite simple, all you've got to do is stun it. If you fail to do so and are to close to it (it has a HUGE blast radius) you will take up to 8k+ damage. Sinister Fragments AND VORTEX SPIN/Big Bang Attack: This one is kind of tricky, you have to take out Sinister Fragments whilst running counter clockwise, trying to avoid a spinning beam! If you've successfully taken out every fragment, nothing will happen afterwards.. If you're not so lucky, The Ambassador will use his Big Bang Attack (fake name), he'll do so depending on how many fragments he absorbed. If he managed to absorb 3 fragments he'll do this attack 3 times, within a few seconds, hitting 8100 each attack. This can be blocked by barricading (requries a shield), using Debilitate (halves the damage) or using reflect (halves the damage) Timer looks like this: The last phase of the fight is where it gets harder. You'll have to pay attention to the chat to prevent being instant killed.. and also keep dpsing the boss whilst he's being healed! The main thing that can kill you here is not paying attention is getting smack by high hit magic attacks (can be blocked by protect/deflect magic + devotion) Watch the chat at all times and switch to the correct prayers until the attack is over (it's 3-4 hits) ((See screenshot, black balls are the special attack)) Word has it that standing between the hands blocks the healing effect on boss, I haven't fully tested this, however this shouldn't be an issue if your team's dps is high enough! That's about it.... Have one more post-kill screenshot.
  11. Boss #2 (name to be added) Easily the easiest of all 3 bosses in this Elite Dungeon. To make this kill go by faster: KILL EVERYTHING.. The boss heals of the skeletons it summons, failing to kill them will add to the time it takes to kill it. Attacks and Special Attacks: Magic Attack: (Big Orange Fireball ,pray protect/deflect magic) Ranged Attack: (Looks like the bosses uses Death Swiftness, Pray protect/deflect Ranged) Rift Of Undead: Destroy it before the timer runs out, afterwards finish off the skeletons to prevent the boss from healing Big Ogre: Twice during the fight he'll summon an Ogre for you to kill, finish it and the skeletons it spawns off before the boss can heal off it And last but not least: Super Sp00ky Ghost Attack: Boss summons a wall of ghosts that slowly move towards you.. Easily avoidable by walking to the side or surging through them. See screenshot for an example on how to avoid them: