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  1. Yeah I’ve preordered this one. The first one was a birthday present from my brother’s friend. I enjoyed the first one so decided to preorder this one.
  2. Hi all, As you all most probably know (or at least fans of Last of Us) the sequel to the Last of Us is coming out on 29 May (a day after my bro’s birthday) Looking at the preview of the game has made me even more hyped for the game to be released, despite it being a lot longer and more challenging than the first game. Have you seen the preview? If so, are you hyped? What are your thoughts on this sequel?
  3. Ended already? Aww at least I got 2 levels during this dxp. And I’m not surprised to not have won the bond either, luck is not on my side. Gratz to all gains and winners.
  4. Hi all, I have just got my 11th 99: Attack, and with that level 138 combat has been reached as well. After months of having around 200k xp left for 99 attack, I decided to get that melee skill maxed too.
  5. Ooo bondies bondies. Let’s hope we get to the target. Bring it on Friday
  6. Hi all, I am currently doing the Curse of the Black Stone quest and am currently in the Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon. I’ve defeated the first boss (Clawdia version 2.0 ) and I’m currently on Mubatasa-whatshisface, the second boss. Any tips for the boss and all the other Elite Dungeons I need to do for quest? Thanks in advance.
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