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  1. You can use magic notepaper to note items.
  2. Days of camping at Divination. Results

    Willow: 1

    Senug: 0

    Please don’t be another petless 120.

  3. On the road to 120 Slayer. Let’s see how much of the Codex I will have filled by the time I get it.

  4. That one gave me a hard time too but I got it in the end
  5. Ralph does not want to pop up in my backpack. I’m already at 112 thieving. Come on Ralph.

    1. IronBanana


      I'm at 117, convinced pets don't exist.

  6. Pet hunting takes time… but all 120s is my new actual target 😄

    1. ChathMurrpau


      200m or bust!

    2. senug


      120 first lol. I don’t think I currently have the patience for 200m 😄

  7. Aww sad to see you go Mori
  8. Aww sorry to see you go but at least you’re still hanging around Thanks for all you did when you were my manager and helped me around with mod stuff. Wishing you good luck on your future endeavours.
  9. Getting the final 2 99s is taking extremely long. I wonder when I will actually get them. 

    1. Zandahar


      You've never been closer!

    2. senug


      Yeah I forgot to change my status after I maxxed 🙂 trying for 120s now

  10. Aww sad to see you go Telle. Good luck in whatever you decide to do and thanks for all you done for the site.
  11. Hard clue competition. Rules say that you need a screenshot of medium clues.... copy pasted from previous clue competition I take it?
  12. Gratz to everyone who gained xp and to those that won
  13. Wow 106 mediums? Gratz ksb Grats to all others too. Happy New Year everyone.
  14. I have only managed to do one. I will send a picture later if needed but I’m being honest so...
  15. Might as well add my clue count thingy here before the competition starts Don't worry I won't do any till it starts.
  16. Wow I actually won something? Cool. I’ll pm you when I’m on
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