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  1. June 2019 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL CAPTAIN Bumpy1 monkey Elpasi2 LIEUTENANT DemonEx3 STANIMITE MrZigZagMaN SERGEANT Yorha-6B CORPORAL jkgrim7051 Reliania Hortsuboy -Nessck RogueTacos MorsAngelica Moridin_1 Congratulations to everyone who earned a new rank this month!!!!!
  2. Congratulations are in order here: May 2019 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL U Dade 3ter 1 CAPTAIN Evan James11 Noble K Death God056 LIEUTENANT James U K AllSeeingEye Your Bae Scottorpio Griffler Etne Phil Margera DarkRageV Kirbsided XStRyK3r119X SERGEANT Wistala19 Cyb3rSm1th Fiiremedic911 Chuy ESQ xrass89x Y0u Not Have katkins55 3l0n Mu5k MedicStorm D a n B CORPORAL Ninja2dan Bama1 Thanks to everyone for all that you do!!!
  3. Congratulations Hope!!!
  4. Katalex

    Moridin _1

    Due to personal reasons, Mori has resigned from clan staff and has left the clan. I want to personally thank him for all of his time and help through the years. He will truly be missed.
  5. It is that time again! Congratulations!!! April 2019 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Im4eversmart CAPTAIN Godomat Ludo Erza Scar1et Blod Bror LIEUTENANT Nimithiel_1 Jeimuzu MrCrowley1 Cactoose HollowsCero SERGEANT Extriotic Ruin Blade6 Kyroraider LidoKing Flams ZombiesRUs ThorinWS Chaotickid 9 Maxx5100 ban-tachi CORPORAL Yorha-6B
  6. Truly the master of all master farmers Gratz on the title and ownership!
  7. Congratulations to all the new rank-ups!! March 2019 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL Jim Hero SoldMyMom4GP CAPTAIN Anzunii Vyra1007 eNinja BloomTQ Nindrol HiksOo FranFine Rickcates LIEUTENANT M0nicaGeller Expie Lestat36 Naimuddin92 Firedtm Dirty shame Wobinar SERGEANT Eornth STANIMITE CORPORAL Chuy ESQ 3l0n Mu5k Wistala 19 Cyb3rSm1th Firemedic911 MedicStorm xrass89x katkins55 D a n B Skarcity Y0uNotHave ZombiesRUS
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