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  1. Wishing Everyone a Wonderful New Year! Thanks to all the members of the RuneHq clan- on behalf of the staff, we are so happy to have you a part of our community and family! January 2019 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL TJ-Peanut Rinarth CAPTAIN none LIEUTENANT RickcateS Mofun43 SERGEANT Nimithiel_1 Naimuddin92 Pooriyanaser Under1ord Cactoose Liskeard55 AllSeeingEye Xmyblackrose CORPORAL DarkRageV Eornth STANIMITE Congratulations to the new ranks!!!!!
  2. Congratulations!!!!
  3. I have to agree, it is not what I would call super rare or even rare for that matter. But, I know it has easily been well over a year since my last purple, so I would probably be overjoyed, knowing that they, just like the summoning pet is not a myth right @Alfawarlord
  4. Take care and hope to see you around soon :)
  5. Congratulations on your huge milestone! BUT, without that pet, you are still a nub Joking.... I hope you get the pet soon
  6. Nice!!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Thanks everyone, so very much Cookies for everyone!!
  8. Thank you maf! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday also!
  9. Another Round of Congratulations to the following: December 2018 RuneHq Clan Rank Ups GENERAL none CAPTAIN g1ngerOne123 RHQ Jim CapuDie Belgabad_88 LIEUTENANT Sadii L Hellraise Godomat Elpasi2 Anzuni222 Snosi SERGEANT Explorah Ari Ebonclad Kirin Sun MrCrowley1 Firedtm DemonEx3 Dirty Shame Expie Lifemage666 CORPORAL iCuppa Jo Godd Mann DeezNutz6966 I Scottorpio Griffler Etne Your Bae Jayhetch eBaez DarkRageV Th3BrwnB3ar James U K Well done!!!!!
  10. Thanks!!!!!! Should be fun and Good Luck to everyone!! Happy Gains!!!